Joey McIntyre Net Worth (2018), Age. Meet his wife Barrett Williams.

Everyone loves a good boy band. A common phase almost every teenager experiences involves singing along to pop songs while going through various emotions. We get to focus on Joey McIntyre, a member of the famous 90s boy band, New Kids On the Block. Joey Mclntyre’s net worth, age, wife and much more will be the highlight of this piece.

Joey McIntyre Career

Before revealing Joey McIntyre’s Net Worth, House, and Cars. let me first tell you about his career.

Having a career as a singer doesn’t cut it nowadays. Don’t get us wrong; it pays the bills quite well actually. Most celebrities tend to venture into other areas juggling personal businesses like established clothing and fashion lines.

Others like our boy singer is an established songwriter, record producer, and actor. At 13 years old, Joey McIntyre stepped into the limelight and replaced Mark Wahlberg in the band. It wasn’t long before New Kid on The Block and was forced to go at it solo.

Turns out that was just the proper kind of motivation he needed to kick-start his career. The singer went on to release a couple of albums including Stay the Same; I Love You Came Too Late and much more. The singers’ acting career includes some roles including Dancing with The Stars, Broadway musicals such as Wicked. Other shows include Boston Public, Happy Days, The McCarthy’s and so many more.

Joey McIntyre net worth, Salary, House, Cars

Being multi-talented in different fields like acting and singing has not only made him famous but also increased his value. The singer’s Net Worth have been carefully collected over the years through dedication and hard work.

Joey McIntyre Networth

Joey McIntyre’s net worth is currently estimated to be $19 million.

Most of it comes from the record and album sales. Others come from his acting career as well as live performances and guest appearances on some TV shows.

No business is better than venturing into real estate. The singing sensation used part of his fortunes to buy some of the best houses money can buy. One is a house overlooking Manomet Beach in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

It’s believed that he bought the home for almost half a million. Another home that made headlines and tabloids was his four-bedroom home in Los Angeles. The part-time actor made a $1 million profit after selling the place for $5.7 million. This helped to increase Joey McIntyre’s Net Worth. The luxurious home had a two-car garage where he parked his rides.

Joey McIntyre married to wife Barrett Williams. They have Three Kids: Daughter Kira Katherine and Sons,  Griffin Thomas and Rhys Edward.

Enough about Joey McIntyre’s Net Worth.  Now meet his wife and kids.

You do not buy houses like that if you don’t intend to use them accordingly. Otherwise, that’s just wasting a lot of space. Well, our blue-eyed singer is mostly using his money’s worth and lives with his small family.

Meet the mother of his three kids, Barret Williams, a real estate agent. It was actually through her work that the two met back in 2002 when the singer was looking for a new place. His wife Barrett Williams didn’t just score with the home signing but went with the deal of a lifetime.

Image of Joey McIntyre Family, his wife and children.

Joey McIntyre Family: Wife and Children.

Quickly capturing his attention and working fast, they were engaged and married within a year. Living a happy life since August 9th, 2003 the couple welcomed their first son Griffin Thomas in 2007. Next was Rhys Edward on December 13th,2009 and their daughter Kira Katherine born in 2011.

How old is Joel McIntyre?

The singer of New Kid On The Block was born on December 31st, 1972. As of now, Joey McIntyre is 45 years old.


Name Joey McIntyre
Age 45
Date of Birth December 31st, 1972
Place of Birth Massachusetts
Profession Singer, songwriter, actor
Net worth $19 million
Wife Barrett Williams
Kids 3
Height 5’ 9’’

Born as Joseph Mulrey McIntyre on December 31st, 1972 in Needham, Massachusetts to his parents Thomas and late mother, Katherine McIntyre. She succumbed after battling the Alzheimer’s illness in 2014. This came as a huge blow to  McIntyre family. Yes, the McIntyre’s is a huge Irish-American family consisting of 9 kids.

The 45-year old grew up Catholic for most of his early life. In fact, he went on to Graduate at Catholic Memorial School before the life of fame took him over completely. Some of his siblings also followed on the path to fame with some being actresses and actors.


While Joey McIntyre has endured many challenges like having to deal with the loss of hearing of his second born son Rhys and the loss of his mother among many others, he has come out stronger. This comes in the form of a huge net worth, a supporting wife, and fantastic kids.

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