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Joel Schiffman Net Worth, Salary, Height, First Wife, Daughter, Age. 2022

Image of Joel Schiffman Net Worth, Salary, Height, First Wife, Daughter, Age.

The fundamental part of ‘adulting’ is finding ways to make money for sustenance. Joel Schiffman learned this a long time ago and worked as a financer for many years.

Those who still have no clue who he is might want to do a celebrity check on his girlfriend, soon wife-to-be, Hoda Kotb. She’s a co-anchor at NBC News Morning Show, Today.

Let’s go back to her boyfriend and have a look at his age, married life with his first wife and his daughter. But first, here is a highlight of his net worth.

Joel Schiffman Net Worth, Salary.

According to his LinkedIn account, the businessman has a lot of ventures running. His peers cannot easily outmatch his experience as a financier. Keeping track of his assets from working with different companies is quite a hassle. That’s why Hoda Kotb’s boyfriend Joel Schiffman’s current net worth is unknown. The same goes for his salary.

The business Mogul worked as a Senior Vice President at Kidder Peabody before moving to Smith Barney in 2003. While there, he worked as the Director of Consulting Group before moving on to greener pastures at Trail Ridge Capital LLC. Some of the companies he worked in include Reed, Connor & Birdwell, Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC, Colombia Management, and Janus Henderson Investors U.S.

The Financier Joel Schiffman’s net worth may be unknown; Hoda racks up fortunes amounting to $12 million. Gauging from his experience in Economics, his wealth should be as quite much or even more.

Are Joel Schiffman and Hoda Kotb Getting Married Soon?

Put, no, they are not married—however, the pair act like a married couple. Although not official yet, Hoda is practically his wife. The couple lives together in an apartment in New York that he bought in 2017. Hoda has hinted that she might marry Joel Schiffman soon.

If that’s still not proof enough of how serious they are, the couple went ahead to adopt a baby named Haley Joy. She’s like their very own daughter since they nurture and practically raise her together. He got questioned in an interview on why he hadn’t cuffed her yet, to which he responded, “If we’re both happy where we are right now, then there’s no need to rush.”


Image of Joel Schiffman with his girlfriend Hoda Kotb

Joel Schiffman with his girlfriend, Hoda Kotb

Kotb didn’t want to go to a Wall Street Event but, for some reason, found the drive to attend. There, she met the current love of her life and marked it as one of the best decisions she ever made. It was destiny that brought the two lovebirds together in 2015.

His first wife and divorce.

One Daily Mail article quickly dig up one of Joel’s past – his marriage to his first wife. The woman in question is unknown up to date. Trying to find out information about her proved difficult since he rarely talked about her or the reason for their divorce.

On the other hand, his girlfriend is also a victim of divorce. She was once married to a tennis coach named Burzis Kanga in 2005. However, their loved fizzled out two years later, leading to signing divorce papers in 2007

How old is Joel Schiffman? Know his age, birthdate

The business mogul was born on March 21st, 1958, making his current age 63 years. Hoda, on the other hand, is seven years younger than him.

Joel Schiffman Children

One good thing did come out from divorcing his first wife – a daughter named Kyle. Sources dictate that she goes to school in Paris, France. Others have also confirmed that the stepmother-daughter relationship with Hoda is quite commendable.

Image of Joel Schiffman with his wife and kid Haley Joy

Joel Schiffman with his wife and kid Haley Joy

Since the couple met when they were in their 50s, the only logical thing to do was adopt. As already mentioned before, the pair has an adorable daughter named Haley Joy. The adoption agency advised him not to change her last name into his, resulting in more tedious paperwork.

Joel Schiffman Wiki-bio, height

Name Joel Schiffman
Age 64
Date of Birth March 21st, 1958
Place of Birth Undisclosed
Profession Financier and Director
Net worth Unknown
Girlfriend Hoda Kotb
Kids 2
Height 5’9’’

This is one of those celebrities who chose to hide their past life. There is not much to tell about his parents and experience as a kid. His life became the media’s interest when he first started dating the news co-anchor in 2015.

However, there might still be hope in his education information. He is pretty learned and has two Bachelor’s degrees from different institutions. One from the University of California in Economics and the other from Pennsylvania. He became a certified management analyst there, as reflected in his graduation in 1995.


However much Joel Schiffman is involved with his celebrity girlfriend, he has never used her fame to boost his career. His net worth is all of his doing. Whether or not his divorce from his first wife got settled with alimony is private information and in the past. The present and future are his adorable adopted daughter.

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