Joe Torre Net Worth. Meet his Wife Alice Wolterman.

Image of Joe Torre Net Worth. Meet his Wife Alice Wolterman.

If you are a massive fan of Baseball, you have heard the name Joe Torre several times. In this article, you’ll get to know more about Joe Torre Net worth and his income sources. Also, Meet his wife, Alice Woltermann.

Who is Joe Torre?

Joe Torre, full name- Joseph Paul Torre, is an Italian American award-winning baseball player born on 18th July 1940. Following the footsteps of his elder brother Frank Torre, Joe Torre began playing baseball from his school years in St Francis preparatory school.

His professional career as a baseballer kicked off in 1960 by first playing for Milwaukee Braves. Later on, he played for St Louis Cardinals and New York Metts before becoming Met’s manager in 1977.

Between 1984-1989, Joe Torre was a Tv colour commentator for California angels and NBC. After retiring from a managerial career, Joe became an assistant commissioner of baseball.

In the Baseball world, Joe Torre’s significant achievements include; 2326 wins as MBL manager and 2342 hits during his career as a baseballer. From 1996 to 2007, Joe Torre managed New York Yankees leading them to 4 world series championships, six American League Pennants, and ten AL East Division titles.

In 2007, Joe Torre became the manager of Los Angeles Dodgers, becoming its 26th manager since the team was founded. In 2014, Torre gained entry to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Image of American executive, Joe Torre

American executive, Joe Torre

Despite being a baseballer, Joe Torre has co-authored two books: Chasing the Dream: My Lifelong Journey to the World Series and Joe Torre’s Ground Rules For Winners; 12 keys to Managing Team Players, Tough Bosses, Setbacks and Success.

Also, Joe Torre is a highly sought after keynote speaker and spokesperson for numerous companies, for example, Chase, Amgen, Visa, and Continental airlines.

Joe Torre Net Worth.

As at the present moment, Joe Torre is the highest-earning person in the Baseball world. According to Forbes, Joe Torre’s net worth is currently $60 million, garnered from his entire career in baseball and the numerous awards that he won as a player. Now, Joe’s primary source of income is from baseball management.

Image of American executive, Joe Torre net worth is $60 million

American executive, Joe Torre net worth is $60 million

Joe Torre is Married to Wife Alice Wolterman. Kids?

Joe Torre has tried marriage three times in his life. Unfortunately, two of the times ended mysteriously in divorce. He first married Jackie in 1963 and had one son, Michael, with her.

Unfortunately, the marriage ended up in a bitter divorce, only after a few years. Later on, Joe Torre married Dani in 1968. After a divorce, tied the knot with his current wife, Alice Wolterman. Together, they have a daughter named Andrea.

Image of Joe Torre with his wife Alice Wolterman

Joe Torre with his wife, Alice Wolterman

Joe Torre Wife Alice Wolterman, Bio.

Alice Wolterman is the current and long-time wife of Baseball manager Torre. Details about her birthplace and early life are unrevealed up to now. She has been married to Joe Torre since 1987. Together, they have a daughter, Andrea Torre.

For 26 years in marriage, Joe Torre and wife Alice Wolterman have managed to come up with a charity organisation together. The organisation, known as Torre safe foundation, helps domestic violence victims in 12 resource centres in and around New York City by developing educational programs aimed at informing people about domestic violence to save lives. Joe Torre and wife Alice Wolterman live together in Westchester County, New York.

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