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Joe Budden Net Worth. What is Joe Budden Worth?

Image of Joe Budden Net Worth, Salary, Age, Girlfriend, Measurements

Meet Joe Budden, a professional Hip-Hop artist from Harlem and Jersey City. Most professional rappers are known for their rugged and Afro-futuristic looks, but Joe likes to keep it simple with a clean-shaved head as his signature look.

He has been at it since 2003 with his self-titled debut album and has remained relevant since then. Let’s find out how much money he makes regarding salary and net worth and his personal life’s details, including his age and girlfriends.

Joe Budden’s Net worth is $6 Million.

As of now, Joe Budden’s net worth is $6 million. However, his salary is unheard of. Not that it’s non-existent, but he has refused to divulge the details. Nevertheless, research on several credible sources traced his fortune back to its origins.

Image of Rapper Joe Budden net worth is $6 million

Rapper Joe Budden’s net worth is $6 million.

First and foremost, the majority contributor to his salary is the revenue he gets from album sales and record deals. His first album sold over 95,000 copies during its release week and more during the following years.

Others include his shows and performances all over the country. Not forgetting the cash he gets from YouTube and other streaming platforms that have his music linked.

Nowadays, he adds his fortune in his net worth from the paycheques delivered from his appearances on Love & Hip Hop. These are the sources of income for Joe Budden’s $6 Million Net Worth.

Rapper Joe Budden’s Girlfriend.

Joe is the father of two kids, Trey and Lexington Budden. However, this isn’t the typical kind of parenting since he has to schedule court-approved visits with his teenage son, Trey. The only details about his mother are her hookup with Budden after he came from rehab. Otherwise, she remains a mystery.

On the other hand, Lexington was born to Cyn Santana last year on December 15th. His mother shares pictures of the adorable baby boy on her Instagram – the same platform she used to announce her pregnancy.

Image of Rapper Joe Budden with his wife Cyn Santana and their kid

Rapper Joe Budden with his wife Cyn Santana and their kid

Santana is the closest thing to a wife as he has ever gotten with a wife. That’s saying a lot considering he dated his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose for seven years, according to Other honorable mentions include Esther Baxter and Kaylin Garcia in 2013.

Age: how old is Joe Budden.

The rapper has his beginnings on the West side of Harlem, born on August 31st, 1980. His current age is 41, whereas his horoscope sign is Virgo. However, he was brought up in New Jersey with his mom.

Measurements, height, weight

While some aspects of his life remain hushed up, the father of two has been quite generous with information regarding his body type. He weighs 172 pounds (78 Kgs) and with a height of 6 feet. (183 cm).

The New Jersey-based emcee is known for his vast caps to cover his trimmed head and a high-tide beard. He wears size 11 (US) shoes. His shoe game is always on point with sneakers, as seen on the show.

Image of Rapper Joe Budden height is 6 feet

Rapper Joe Budden’s height is 6 feet

Wiki-bio, family, career info.

Full Name Joseph Anthony Budden II
Age 41
Date of Birth August 31st, 1980
Place of Birth Westside Harlem New York
Profession Professional rapper, songwriter
Net worth $6 million
Partner Cyn Santana
Kids Two sons
Height 6 feet 0 inches
Shoe size 11 (US)
Weight 172 pounds

Most of Joe Budden’s songs talk about his childhood in Harlem, where he was born, and New Jersey, where he grew up. Moreover, he also talks about his substance abuse which got him in and out of rehab. His mother has been such a huge advocate for his reformation, with a confrontation that made him change his life plan and venture into music.

The rapper first got inducted into the world of music by signing into Def Jam records which saw the release of his first album. Before he left, he made a couple of mixtapes called Mood Muzik and a couple of more singles and collaborations. However, a few controversies saw his exit from the label in 2007 and into Empire Distribution.

He hosted his podcast and partnered with Sean Combs to produce a show called State of the Culture. His partnership with several other artists like Crooked I, Royce da 5’9’’, and many more to release an album called Slaughterhouse was well received. He made several other performances before announcing his retirement in 2017.


Joe Budden may have retired from rapping at age 37 but is still a member of the Slaughterhouse. It still earns him revenue and, coupled with his salary from producing and broadcasting, contributes to Joe Budden’s $6 Million net worth.

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