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Jodie Fletcher: Half Brother Trey Smith, Parents, Everything you need to know about Sheree Zampino and Terrell Fletcher’s Daughter

Jodie Fletcher daughter of Sheree Zampino and Terrell Fletcher

Jodie Fletcher, the only child of Sheree Zampino and Terrell Fletcher happens to be a girl. Although her exact date of birth and other personal details are not made too public, we can estimate her age to be around 12 years at the moment. She was born immediately after Sheree and Terrell got married in 2007. This was after Sheree got divorced from her first husband, famous American actor, and singer, Will Smith back in 1995.

Jodie Fletcher's mother Sheree Zampino and father Terrell Fletcher

Caption: Jodie Fletcher’s mother Sheree Zampino and father Terrell Fletcher

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Jodie Fletcher and Trey Smith are Half Siblings.

Jodie Fletcher’s only sibling, Trey Smith, who was born to Sheree and Will Smith in 1992, is a half brother of Jodie. He is currently in his late-twenties. Trey is doing relatively well in his acting career. Their age gap, which is more than 10 years, has always been a major hurdle to navigate. The two also lead completely separate and different lives, and so forming any sort of bond is a challenge.

Jodie Fletcher and Jaden Smith son of Will Smith

Caption: Jodie Fletcher and Jaden Smith childhood picture

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Sheree short bio.

Jodie’s mother, Sheree herself has had a tough life, but no doubt she is a very talented and skillful woman. She met Will Smith in the 1990’s famous tv show “fresh prince of bel air”, where after Smith fell in love and got married to her. But just as the pundits thought the love life is blooming, the couple filed for divorce in 1995 stating the reason for it to be too immature. Sheree then had a few difficult times but they soon were thought to be over when she met Terrell Fletcher, her second husband.

Jodie Fletcher's mother Sheree Zampino with her first husband Will Smith married (1992-1995)

Caption: Jodie Fletcher’s mother Sheree Zampino with her first husband Will Smith  married (1992-1995)

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2nd Husband.

Sheree’s second husband and Jodie’s father was a former American football running back. His life with Sheree was thought to be a fruitful one, but it proved to be otherwise. The general public and Sheree’s fans often felt that she wasn’t as happy as she should have been and the general public was very eager to know more about their love life.

Although Sheree changed her surname to that of her husband, she was still referred to as the ex-wife of Will Smith. This caused a bit of resentment between the two, which would eventually lead to her husband filing for divorce. He claimed that the differences were far too recoverable and asked for the spousal support. As of today, we don’t know what Sheree and Terrell are up to these days but one thing is for sure. If things keep on going on the same track, Our little Jodie might not get her parents together again!

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