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Jessica Mendoza Salary, Net Worth, Husband Adam Burks. 2022

Image of Jessica Mendoza Salary, Net Worth, Husband Adam Burks.

Let’s face it! It is not as if women are not good at sports, but fewer women engage in soccer than men.

As a result, she instantly raises to fame when a woman outshines in the field. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the life of Jessica Mendoza. She is a famous American softball player.

Her career has made her receive various awards, ensuring she is a member of the gold medal-winning Olympic softball team in 2004.

Presently, she is an analyst at ESPN. We bring you Jessica Mendoza’s net worth and salary today. But before then, let’s take a look at Jessica Mendoza’s husband.

Jessica Mendoza is Married to her husband, Adam Burks. Know information about their married life and children.

While it is apparent that the softball player is married, it is not known who Jessica Mendoza’s husband is to most of her fans. Well, Jessica Mendoza’s husband identifies as Adam Burks. More details about Jessica Mendoza’s husband will be tackled in the following section.

As of now, you should know that their relationship began with a close friendship after meeting at a wedding held in Southern California in 2004.

Image of Jessica Mendoza with her husband Adam Burks and their child

Jessica Mendoza with her husband Adam Burks and their child

From here, it is believed they exchanged contact because facts indicate that they had been meeting up frequently since the wedding. The frequent meetups made their love grow deeper, hence deciding to begin dating.

After two years, in 2006, the couple exchanged their wedding vows in a colorful ceremony. Thanks to her wife, Jessica Mendoza’s husband has two adorable sons. The first son goes by the name Caleb Ashton Burks and the last or second one goes by the name Caden Adam Burks. From the look of things, the player and her husband enjoy a perfect marriage life.

A short bio about Jessica Mendoza’s husband, Adam Burks

There are minimal details about Jessica Mendoza’s husband, Adam Burks. The little information is that he is a former U.S Marine who, while still actively, served in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq.

Adam Burks is a professional civil engineer, but he gave up his job to care for his child after his wife gave birth.

This is a decision he made on his own, which should tell you that Jessica Mendoza’s husband is a perfect husband and a loving father to his children.

Jessica Mendoza Salary and Net Worth.

You, of course, cannot wait to hear about Jessica Mendoza’s salary. As of 2022, Jessica Mendoza’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Her salary is yet to be revealed to the public. The lady is still young and is not taking chances with opportunities coming her way.

Image of Sports commentator, Jessica Mendoza net worth is $2 million

Sports commentator Jessica Mendoza’s net worth is $2 million

As a result, people cannot help but speculate that Jessica Mendoza’s income will increase. If her net worth and salary change, we will have you updated with the new values right here on our page.

Jessica Mendoza Career info and tv shows.

Her career began in 1999 while she was still in high school. Here, she played as an outfielder for the Standard Cardinal until 2002.

From 2004 to 2010, the queen became a member of the United States women’s national softball team.

She is remembered for not only winning the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics held in Athens and the silver medal during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing but also for playing professionally in national Pro Fastpitch.

Currently, the mother of two is on the broadcast team for ESPN’S Sunday Night Baseball program.


Jessica Mendoza’s husband, as well as her net worth and salary

Facts about Jessica Mendoza’s husband, net worth, and salary

Name Jessica Mendoza
Career Sports analyst & Player
Net worth $2 million salary under
Salary Under review
Husband Adam Burks

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