Jeremy Wade Net Worth 2018. Gay Or Married To Wife?

Jeremy Wade is a British TV presenter, a biologist, and an extreme angler. He specialized in writing travel stories and incidents of natural history. He had been famous for his television series Mighty Rivers, Jungle hooks and River Monsters. He is also famous for discovering the surface beneath all the human life through fishing in remote areas. He majorly explored the Amazon and the Congo Basin. Let’s find out about Jeremy Wade’s Net Worth in 2018. Also, find out if Jeremy Wade is a gay or married to a wife.

Growing up in rural Suffolk, he used to visit freshwater stills for fishing catfish and carp. In his early twenties, he got inspired on reading a magazine article about fishing for mahseer before traveling to India. Gradually, he traveled to entire South-East Asia, the People’s Republic of Congo, Zaire, and the Amazon. During his journeys, he escaped drowning, was arrested for spying, caught malaria and survived one plane crash. Still, his love for adventure never died and he went onto feature in BBC Natural History Unit’s show Jungle Hooks in 2006.

Jeremy Wade Career, TV Shows

Growing up in East Anglia, Jeremy Wade used to go for fishing on the banks of River Stour in Suffolk. He was extremely fascinated by the river and used to go fishing when he was 7-8 years of age. However, he did not master the trick and often failed at it. A school friend of his guided him to take the first catch and since then there was no looking back. His parents were extremely supportive of him and thus he toured to new places to figure out fishing locales.

In his career, he made his first overseas trip to the Himalayan Rivers of India in 1982. With only 200 euros, it was a difficult life for him to survive for three months but he managed. During his return, he caught an 18 pound of Himalayan Mahseer. After his first expedition, he went back to England and wrote about his adventures for a fishing magazine. His first trip intrigued him to save money to travel around the world and figure out exotic species of fishes.

Jeremy Wade

He traveled to India again in 2005. The concept of his famous TV Show ‘River Monsters’ first stroked him in the foothills of the Himalayas. He interacted with the local people and discovered how many people went missing in the river. All of them guessed some giant fish consumed the explorers. Wade began investigating and found out it was the Goonch catfish, which weighed around 161 pounds. He recorded his entire experience in the form of an episode. He realized such a TV show will attract the attention of not only fish lovers but also audiences of all kinds.

He also wrote articles on fair trade, poaching and travel for various magazines and newspapers. In 1992, he published his first book ‘Somewhere Down the Crazy River’ along with co-author Paul Boote. He also wrote River Monsters in 2011 which dealt with his expeditions and journeys throughout his career.

He played the role of a lamprey expert as a debutant in the film ‘Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys’ in 2014. Previously, he had starred in the episode ‘Vampires of the Deep’ from the TV show River Monsters.

In 2016, Wade and his screw discovered a man who was stuck on a remote island for 2 days in Australia. The man lost track of his boat while hunting for oysters. They discovered the man and filmed his adventure too for his TV shows. Wade currently features in the show ‘Jeremy Wade’s Might Rivers’, a documentary series telecasted on Animal Planet. In this show, he is the host who investigates the reason behind the disappearance of freshwater giants from the iconic rivers.

He is also a philanthropist and is associated with Make-A-Wish Foundation. His entire crew supports him on this noble cause. They telecasted an entire episode showing the in and out of the creation of the episodes and all the animals Wade interacted with.

Jeremy Wade Net Worth, Salary, House, Cars

This British biologist and television presenter Jeremy Wade has a net worth of $2 Million. He earned his net worth for his appearance in River Monsters television series which was produced by Icon Films.

Jeremy Wade net worth

The salary of such a star varies based on the type of program and broadcast of the shows. However, his approximate salary is $85 thousand annually.

He owns a house on 6A New Road, High Littleton in Bristol, United Kingdom.

The cars he owned are- a 1937 Aston Martin, 1970 Rover P5B Coupe, 2001 Jaguar XK8 Convertible,  1965 Chevrolet Malibu Convertible and a 1937 Alvis 4.3 Litre DHC. All the cars are up for sale because he believes in living a non-materialistic lifestyle.

He also earned a lot from his publication of two books in 1992 and 2011 which contributed to Jeremy Wade’s net worth.

Jeremy Wade is not married to a wife. Is he a Gay?

Wade is not married to anyone neither is he dating anyone. His brother has cleared it over a telephonic interview that Wade has no wife or any other romantic partner. So, the audience often thinks Jeremy Wade is a gay. People assume his audience is mostly men whereas, it is found out that 45% of his viewers are women. Wade has an English accent, white hair and blue eyes which definitely charms a woman easily. He is definitely a ‘sex icon’ among the women yet he is single.

He reported his greatness in many things in life, however, he fails to excel when it comes to relationships. He has devoted 25 years of his life in figuring out places, catching monsters from beneath the surface. Throughout his journey, he has a very hard time to maintain a balance between his professional and personal life. He finds it difficult to maintain his relationship with his family, so an extended one will create more ruckus. His top priority will always be fishing and getting married will be the ultimate thing he will indulge in.

He is not at all a bummer. In fact, he is a very down to earth, hardworking and determined person which makes him an ideal husband material. But, he prefers in investing all these qualities in his adventures in exotic locations for catching mysterious fishes. Previously, he tried to settle himself by taking up a regular job and attempted to be with a girl. But, before she could be his wife, the girl broke his heart and addressed him as a ‘waster’. So, Jeremey Wade is not gay and he left the job in two weeks and went off for his adventures.

He is an extremely simple human being and extremely hard to convince. He usually travels around in torn clothes or in plain outfits which is not at all attractive. He firmly believes that if he ever settles down, he might ruin the life of another woman because he has no assurance of his own life. The places that he visits and the adventures he undergoes put him in a life-threatening situation always.

It is highly unlikely to ever witness Jeremy Wade in the role of a husband to a wife. He is neither looking for any relationship nor willing to get married and have his own family. He doesn’t pay much heed to all the gossip around him. Rather, he prefers to travel to any remote location where he will lead an uncertain life. He will neither have enough amount of money nor will he know what he will be doing next day. He prefers being accepted for who he is in real life with no façade.

Therefore, the host of the number one show on Animal Planet will never settle down. He will always be an apple of the eye of all his female admirers. Now you know Jeremey Wade is not gay and unmarried so doesn’t have a wife either.

If this rumored gay star gets married to a wife in the future, we’ll update you.

Jeremy near Death Experience While at Work

You know Jeremy Wade’s Net Worth is $2 Million, but earning that hasn’t been an easy ride. Fives time in his life, he has encountered experiences which were life-threatening and could bring an end to his lifetime. The first experience was with the most dangerous creature, ‘The Electric Eel’. The big fishes deliver current at about 500 Volts after wrapping a victim’s chest. It delivers continuous shocks directly to the heart until the person dies. Wade, however, took precautions by wearing thick rubber boots and gloves and also carried a defibrillator. Yet, the risk was extremely high in such situations.

The second closest brush to death was when he tried to net an ‘arapaima’ while he was touring Amazon. This large freshwater fish can weigh up to 400 pounds, however, the one Wade caught weighed around 80 pounds. The arapaima suddenly hit his sternum and he almost thought his last moments were near as it damaged his chest. Thankfully, he survived that crucial incident successfully and he is a living example of willpower and bravery.

The third near-death experience he recalled was how one of his crew members got stuck by lightning. The crew member was a sound recording guy. His hair singed off from an entire patch of the leg irrespective of wearing thick rubber soled boots. He did not have any other major injuries but his head exploded due to massive pain. Wade described, how people get stuck in Amazon when they are midway in a river and a storm attacks them. They shift to sides to seek shelter underneath the trees, but the tree falls on them leading to accidental death. ‘Weather experiences’ make the adventures extremely challenging for such explorers.

The fourth painful incident he experienced was in Argentina when a small catfish bit his hand from behind. ‘Catfishes’ have an awful slime and it stung the hand hard generating an awful painful experience. It bled for quite some time and Wade learned the lesson, all creatures should not be judged according to sizes. The risk factor is equally high for a giant creature as well as a smaller one.

The last near-death experience took place when he was shooting for an episode of River Monsters. He was handling a small piranha and he often did the hooking on his own. As he approached to unhook the Piranha, it kicked him and one of the other points pricked in his finger. He was in real pain and the director loved the natural emoting of the pain for his episode. However, the situation could have been much worse.


Some untold truths or interesting facts about Jeremy Wade are stated below.

  1. He does all these adventures just for fun. From childhood, he was extremely passionate about fishes and he had a hobby for fishing. On growing up, he turned his hobby into a profession and thoroughly enjoys each and every expedition of his.
  2. His favorite catch Goliath Tigerish weighing about 100 pounds in Congo took him around 25 years to catch it.
  3. He needs to be a victim of severe weather changes due to rising global temperatures. He is unable to predict the weather changes. Thus, during high floodwaters, it becomes impossible for him to catch the big monsters.
  4.  As an environmentalist and a conservationist, his expeditions served as a huge boon to scientific researches all around the world. People are now aware of the lives that live in lakes and waters.
  5.  Due to finite content and his complete discovery of all the river monsters, the show had to end.
  6. This highly adventurous man is scared of road-traffic, especially on the Indian mountain roads.
  7. The catfish in the Amazon totally grossed him out.
  8.  Even after being immensely popular, he owned his own house in 2016. Previously, he lived in spare rooms of his friends.

How old is Jeremy Wade? Know his age

Jeremy Wade was born on March 23, 1956, in Ipswich and his age is now 62 years.

Family, Parents

He had extremely supportive parents who always supported his love for fishing while growing up in Ipswich, Suffolk, U.K. His father was a vicar and he has one brother whose name is Martin Wade in his family.


Jeremy Wade

His wiki-bio states that he was born in Ipswich and brought up in Nayland. His schooling was from Dean Close School and he graduated in zoology from Bristol University. He post-graduated in biological science from the University of Kent and worked as a secondary school biology teacher in Kent. He spent many years fishing in Brazil and can fluently converse in Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

Birth Name Jeremy John Wade
Birthdate March 23, 1986 (Ipswich, Suffolk, U.K.)
Age: 62 years
Nationality British
Occupation Biologist, Television Presenter, Author, Angler, Aquatic Detective.
Net Worth $2 Million

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