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Jenny Marrs Shares her Cherished memories from “Home Town Takeover”

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Image of Jenny Marrs and Dave Marrs with friend

In a heartwarming twist, Jenny Marrs, the star of “Home Town Takeover,” didn’t anticipate the most memorable moments of her happen off-camera.  She worked her magic on the home of Sarah Boon, the big-hearted owner of the horse ranch.

But as Marrs shared on Instagram, it was the quiet moments shared with Sarah and her majestic animals that left an indelible mark on her heart.

Read more as we will talk about Jenny Mars’s cherished memories, the makeover of Sarah’s house, and Jenny and Dave’s renovation throughout the season.

Jenny’s Cherished Memories shared on Instagram

After a long day of filming, HGTV’s Jenny, her husband Dave, and their kids headed to Sarah’s ranch for some equine fun. The youngest Marrs kids, Sylvie, Charlotte, and Luke, were eager to hop on their trusty steeds, but Sylvie was a bit hesitant.

Despite her fear of large animals, the calming presence of a ranch hand, Sarah helped her overcome her nerves and ride with confidence.

While the Marrs twins, Nathan and Ben, didn’t join in on the horseback riding, they were there to witness the impact their parents are making in the community.

Image of Jenny Marrs with horse

Jenny was moved by Sarah’s ability to encourage and lead her daughter and was reminded of the incredible work being done in Fort Morgan.

It’s been a labor of love for the Marrs family, who have had to spend more time away from home than ever before, but they believe the inspiring stories they will share with the world will make it all worth it.

Who knows what other adventures and life-changing moments await the Marrs family and their community

Sarah Boon’s House Received a Makeover from Jenny and Dave!

In the premiere of the show, Jenny and Dave took on the task of transforming Sarah’s 1997 house into a modern and sophisticated ranch design. Jenny drew inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding Sarah’s home, including the blue skies, woods, and coppers.

With that in mind, they updated the exterior with new paint, shutters, and even a Dutch door. Inside, they utilized lighter wood tones and added navy cabinetry to the kitchen, along with brick flooring.

To give the ranch a personalized touch, Jenny and her husband, Dave, also updated the entrance with a custom Texas-style sign.

Image of Dave Marrs

Boon’s 100-acre property was originally bought with her ex-husband, but when he wanted to leave the property, she refused to let go of her dream. She fell in love with the community and the lifestyle that the property provided for her children.

Maintaining such a large property can be a daunting task, but Sarah would not give up on the place her kids love. The ranch owner Sarah also has a passion for horses, having loved the animal since the sixth grade.

She uses her 36 horses to teach people with disabilities, showing them that they can handle a 1200-pound animal, which is a life-changing experience. In addition to renovating Boon’s home, Dave and Jenny also took on the task of renovating the local business, Zazzy Cafe.

While the renovation was not shown on screen, it’s clear that the couple went above and beyond to transform the community.

The HGTV Couples Are Set to Complete Renovations Throughout the Season of The Show!

Get ready to witness a stunning transformation in the small town of Fort Morgan! The Marrs and Napier couples are set to lead a team of ten famous HGTV and Food Network stars to complete a whopping 18 renovation projects!

From up sprucing the homes of local heroes to refreshing a local bowling alley, revitalizing a public park, and even revising the downtown business district, the goal is to elevate the town’s charm, foster community pride, and catapult Fort Morgan into a whole new era of limitless potential.

And it’s not just about the renovations, as viewers of the show will see. The premiere episode features the talented Jonathan Knight from “Farmhouse Fixer” and the beloved “Girl Meets Farm” star, Molly Yeh, joining the team to kick-start the project.

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