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Jenny Marrs Reveals she broke a rule to help her friend.

In a recent revelation shared by Jenny Marrs, a former contestant on HGTV’s “Rock the Block” season three, she disclosed a behind-the-scenes incident from the show. In an Instagram story posted on October 14, Jenny revealed that she and her husband, Dave Marrs, who co-host “Fixer to Fabulous,” had broken one of the show’s rules.

Image of Dave Marrs with his wife Jenny Marrs

“Two years ago, we found ourselves in hot water for extending help to our ‘Rock the Block’ neighbors. Despite the strict rule against assisting each other, we collectively deemed the restriction unjust and chose to bend it. It’s a timeless lesson: always lend a hand to your neighbors,” Jenny wrote in the story. The accompanying clip showcased Dave providing aid to their fellow competitors, Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis from “Unsellable Houses,” as they grappled with a power tool during their renovation process.

Leslie Davis Responded to Jenny Marrs’ Story

Davis re-shared Jenny’s Instagram post on her own story, extending her appreciation to their HGTV co-stars for their support during the competition series. She penned a heartfelt message, saying, “Genuine friends always step up for their neighbors 🤪🥰❤️ Missing our BFF neighbors extra these days.”

Regarding Jenny’s claim that she and Dave may have faced consequences for assisting their neighbors, it remains unclear whether any penalties were imposed for their rule violation.

In season three of “Rock the Block,” Jenny and Dave were pitted against Lamb and Davis, as well as other HGTV luminaries such as Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas from “Bargain Block,” and Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson from “Married to Real Estate.” Their mission was to renovate identical houses in Charleston, South Carolina, each with a starting value of $500,000 and a budget of $225,000.

Ultimately, Jenny and Dave’s act of kindness didn’t sway the outcome for either team, as both the Marrses and Lamb and Davis fell short of securing the title of “Rock the Block” champions, which was ultimately claimed by Sherrod and Jackson.

However, both teams had the chance to return as guest judges in season four. Jenny and Dave made an appearance in the season four premiere, where they assisted in evaluating the new team’s kitchen renovations and awarded the victory to Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin from “Farmhouse Fixer” (in a reciprocating gesture after Knight had conceded the kitchen win to them in season three).

Image of Jenny Marrs and Dave Marrs

Lamb and Davis appeared in episode three, participating in a series-first blind judging event and bestowing the main suite renovation prize on the season four winners, Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle from “Luxe for Less.”

HGTV Ordered Season 5 for ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ & ‘Unsellable Houses’

Their minor transgression of the rules on “Rock the Block” had no apparent repercussions for the Marrses or Lamb and Davis within the HGTV network. HGTV has officially announced the development of the fifth season for both teams’ shows, “Fixer to Fabulous” and “Unsellable Houses.”

The filming for “Fixer to Fabulous” season five is already underway, and viewers can expect its premiere on the network in early 2024. What’s even more exciting is that Jenny and Dave will be headlining a spinoff miniseries called “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano,” where they will journey to Italy to lend their expertise to the restoration and renovation of a centuries-old villa.

As for “Unsellable Houses,” the network’s confidence in the show is evident, as they greenlit the fifth season before the fourth season even concluded. The twins celebrated this decision playfully in an Instagram post on October 6, where they were seen reveling in the pages of a fictitious newspaper, “The Twin Win Post,” with a headline proclaiming, “Season Five of ‘Unsellable Houses’ Coming Soon!”

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