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Who is Jen_ny69 Husband? Know her Net worth. 2022

Image of Who is Jen_ny69 Husband? Know her Net worth.

Do you find it frustrating when creating a cool username on social media only to see its already taken? Since Jenny69 was already in use, the Internet celebrity Jennifer Ruiz had to go for the alias (Jen_ny69) we all know her today. Fans of the gorgeous Internet star have been stalking her trying to find out who’s the baby daddy of the kid she keeps uploading. Others keep trying to see if she is married. Well, we’re here to silence all rumors – on her behalf of course – and highlight other bits of Jen_ny69 like net worth, marriage, age, and wiki-bio.

 Is Jen_ny69 Married to husband or dating a boyfriend?

Like the unveiling of a new car model or the latest flagship of the IOS, fans have been peering in to find out who Jen_ny69’s husband is. The Instagram star has done a great job teasing the love of her life. She used to upload pictures of them together. However, she would crop out his face. Even their wedding video has his portrait purposely shot from his back.

Nevertheless, it looks like she got tired of the games and finally showed his face. The Instagram star Jen_ny69 didn’t exactly come out clean, but fans speculated that he is the one. Sources indicate that Jen_ny69’s husband goes by the name Emmanuel with his Instagram account under the username, @mannyfrescoe

Image of Jen_ny69 husband (Emmanuel)

Jen_ny69 husband (Emmanuel)

Rumors have been flying all over the internet concerning her ex-boyfriend. Just like her husband, his identity also remains unknown. However, there is a Twitter handle dedicated to the Internet star @Jenny69exposed. According to the anonymous source, they dated for a while before he cheated. She was even pregnant with his baby but lost it due to natural complications.

Jen_ny69 Kid, who is the baby daddy?

When she’s not busy giving out beauty and fashion advice, the highlight reel of her Instagram account would be her adorable baby boy. He went by the name Manny and was born in 2016. The kid was the star of their wedding in April 2017 and charmed all the guests. So who exactly is the baby daddy?

Image of Jen_ny69 kid (Manny)

Jen_ny69 kid (Manny)

His mother has always been on a constant battle with her haters on social media. There is no doubt that Emmanuel is the baby daddy. However, rumors went by that she got an abortion in 2015 when she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend after he cheated. The fashionista has been very stern on these allegations and has cleared them up citing a miscarriage due to a blighted ovum.

The mother of one currently lives in California with her son and her baby daddy.

Jen_ny69 Net Worth, Sources of income.

The internet sensation mostly makes a living through social media. You can find her on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat under the same alias where she gives tons of makeup tutorials. If you’ve been keen enough on the background, you’ll notice that she lives an expensive and lavish lifestyle.

Image of Jen_ny69 net worth is $1 million

Jen_ny69 net worth is $1 million

The YouTuber and Instagram star afford all these through brand endorsements. She gets paid to advertise and market some few household and beauty merchandise. Other sources of income include her clothing line and accessories also under the name Jenny Sixty-Nine. You can look her up online. Jen_ny69’s net worth ranges between $500k and $1 million. The actual figure is still under review and will be updated soon enough.

Jen_ny69 Wiki-Bio, Age.

Name Jen_ny69
Age 24
Date of Birth March 11th, 1994
Place of Birth Corona, California
Profession Entrepreneur, Internet Star
Net worth $500K – $1 million
Marital Status Married to her husband, Emmanuel
Kids Manny
Height 5’ 4’’

The fashion blogger was born in Corona, California and grew up with her sister Annette Ruiz. She is currently 24 years old with her Zodiac sign as that of Pisces. While growing up with strict parents, the YouTuber wasn’t allowed to use makeup until her Quinceanera at 15 years old. Jen_ny69’s ethnicity is Hispanic while her nationality is American. Not much is known about her early childhood since she is very conservative on these matters.


Jen_ny69 is the worldwide known alias for Jennifer Ruiz. She got married last year to her husband and baby daddy of her son Manny. Most of her net worth is attributed to her Vlogs as well as her fashion brands.

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