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Jeff Fisher Net Worth, Salary, Wife Juli fisher, Son, Age, Wiki, what is he doing now? 2022.

Image of Jeff Fisher Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Son, Age, Wiki, what is he doing now

Meet former NFL Los Angeles Rams head coach, Jeff Fisher. Even though he got laid off in December 2016 due to his team’s poor performance, he still ranks high up in the list of highest-paid coaches. This article will draw focus to Jeff Fisher net worth and salary. On the other hand, he has gone under the radar of late, and a lot of folks keep asking, what he is up to nowadays. For those and more answered questions on his wife Julie Fisher and sons, stay glued to your screen.

Who is Jeff Fisher? His career details.

Fisher is a Southern Californian born and bred native who was once a professional American Football player. He used to play as the school team’s wide receiver back in high school before taking his talent to college. However, after suffering a broken leg and a nasty ankle injury, running around the field became a thing of the past.

Jeff retired as a player but almost immediately picked up a job as a defensive backs coach. At age 30, Jeff Fisher became the youngest coach in the NFL and became the defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams. A little later, Fisher worked for the Houston Oilers, currently recognized as the Tennessee Titans as its head coach in 1994.

Image of American Football Player, Jeff Fisher

American Football Player, Jeff Fisher

It is here that he built up a reputation for himself and his brand. This may come as a shock and not what you expected, but his legacy is built on an average success story or rather lack of it. The NFL coach headed the Titans for 17 full seasons, never won the Super Bowl and only got them sniffing at it during the XXXIV appearance with a loss.

In 2011 he lost the contract but gained another one in 2012 to head the St. Louis Rams. This tenure looked promising even with an extension drafted in 2016 that was supposed to run all the way to 2018. However, by the end of the year, they withdrew the offer and sacked him.

What is Jeff Fisher doing now?

It has been roughly two years now since he last drew up a strategy as an NFL coach, but he is still making headlines. Fisher mostly airs is views and opinions on syndicated talk shows, especially in radio and podcasts.

One revelation he shared with his fans was his desire to get back in the league. Not as an assistant, nor as a defensive coordinator like his previous jobs but as a head coach. Jeff hasn’t revealed precisely when and which team he has his eyes set for but went ahead to explain that he has received a couple of offers. He even turned down a TV job to stick to his coaching instincts.

Jeff Fisher net worth, salary.

Whether or not Jeff Fisher returns to the NFL, one thing is sure. His price isn’t low. A coach of his status has a lot to give based on the experience he has from the game. That said, Jeff Fisher’s net worth is estimated at $20 million as per published reliable sources.

Image of American Football Player, Jeff Fisher cast net worth is $20 million

American Football Player, Jeff Fisher cast net worth is $20 million

His salary is just as high and stands at $7 million. All his wealth, houses and cars have their origins from his football career, and it has been a long journey to get where he is today. The former coach’s active years date as back as 1985 with his playing career much further back.

Jeff Fisher married to wife? Meet his children

As his coaching career, Fisher’s love life is also in the rocks and has been since 2008. However, all hope isn’t lost yet. Jeff Fisher is the father of three children: two sons – Brandon and Trent, and a daughter named Tara.

Image of Jeff Fisher son Trent Fisher

Jeff Fisher son Trent Fisher

The mother of these kids is none other than Juli Fisher. The couple met while in college at the University of Southern California when he used to play for the Trojans in 1977. They hooked up a while later, dated and finally recited their wedding vows in 1986. Their union was peaceful up until 2008 when they separated and filed for a divorce.

Image of Jeff Fisher with his wife Juli Fisher

Jeff Fisher with his wife, Juli Fisher

Nevertheless, neither party has followed up on it to finalize the divorce. On the brighter side, Brandon is Ram’s Defensive Back coach, while Trent plays for the Auburn Tigers as a defensive back. Their daughter, Tara, got married to a former MLB player called Justin Miller in 2015 and kept her life on the down low.

Jeff Fisher wiki-bio, age

Full name Jeffrey Michael Fisher
Age 60
Date of Birth February 25th, 1958
Place of Birth Culver City, California
Profession Former NFL coach
Net worth $20 million
Girlfriend Juli Fisher
Kids 3
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 188 lbs
Zodiac Sign Pisces

Jeffrey Fisher is currently 60 years of age having lived in this world for six decades. His date and place of birth are February 25th, 1958 and Culver City, California respectively. There isn’t much to talk about concerning his upbringing and his parents since it was a really long time ago and he likes the media focusing on what’s essential – Football.

For his alma mater, the 60-year old attended Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California where he exercised his football skills as their wide receiver. This position landed him a college opportunity at USC, Los Angeles where he pursued his dream of football – a dream shattered by injuries to get him into coaching.

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