Jasmine Sanders Wiki-Bio, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Age, Sisters, Family

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Image of Jasmine Sanders Wiki-Bio, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Age, Sisters, Family

Have you ever gazed at a celebrity and thought wow she would have been anything better? In case you have never had such a sensation, you seriously need to look out for Jasmine Sanders commonly recognized as Golden Barbie. From her curly hair down to her cute face and glossy lips not forgetting her perfect figure, she is a complete definition of beauty.

She is famous for her modeling, acting and social media personality and now you can’t wait to unveil Jasmine Sanders’ net worth. It’s a matter of sparing a few minutes of your time on this article, and you will get to know this fact as well as Jasmine Sanders’ boyfriend, husband, parents, sisters, ethnicity, and age.

Jasmine Sanders’ Parents.

From the little biology taught in school, you know that a child’s traits whether physical or behavioral emanate from the parents. In a way, this means that the natural beauty and priceless soul that Golden Barbie possess emerges from her parents.

Image of Actor Jasmine Sanders with her mother and her sister

Actor Jasmine Sanders with her mother and her sister

Sadly, the names of Jasmine Sanders’ parents are not revealed to any reputable sources. However, it is a fact that while her mother is German, her father is American and Africa American to be precise. From the photos she has uploaded, there is no denying that Jasmine Sander’s parents are indeed the origin of the beauty their daughter holds. They must have been truly proud of her from a very young age as her beauty looking at her photos began to show up at a tender age.

Jasmine Sanders Net Worth.

It is almost a right for every fan to know of their favorite celebrity’s net worth, and Jasmine Sanders’ net worth is not an exception. As mentioned earlier on, she is a professional model, actor, and You Tuber. With these top paying careers in mind, you are not expecting Jasmine Sanders’ net worth to be a six-figure, right? According to recent research, as of 2018, Jasmine Sanders’ net worth is estimated to being $1.5 million. Her annual salary is around $600,000.

Image of Actor Jasmine Sanders net worth is $1.5 million

Actor Jasmine Sanders net worth is $1.5 million

We can’t wait to keep updating you on Jasmine Sanders’ net worth and salary because it is more than evident that this is not the end of it. Her salary is bound to increase as she takes new steps in her professional career. Speaking of her career, the journey began when she was still very young. Here, she got the opportunity of partnering with various designers to market their brands. As a result of this, she got featured on the cover magazine, and before she knew it, she already had a large fan base. Her natural beauty is the center of where she is today.

Jasmine Sander’s  Age, Birthdate.

You can easily guess Jasmine Sanders’ age range judging from her face as she is still pretty much young. The model was conceived on the 22nd day of June 1991. As of 2018 therefore, Jasmine Sanders’ age is 27. Although we are yet to know this, I feel that she will join the list of those celebrities who are 40 years and above and still be looking like she’s aged 21.  Have you heard of the location Frankenthaler before? Rooted in Germany, Frankenthaler is the actual birthplace of the actress. However, she was raised in South Carolina.

Jasmine Sanders family, sisters, husband or boyfriend

Which one should go first is it Jasmine Sanders’ boyfriend or her sisters? Perhaps Jasmine Sanders’ sisters because family or rather a blood relations will always come first. Maybe we first correct the information about Jasmine Sanders’ sisters because she only has one sister called Alisha. Apart from her name, there isn’t any other information concerning Jasmine Sanders’ sister Alisha. The actress and her sister seem to be having a strong bond as the model describes her sister as her all in all type of friend.

Image of Actor Jasmine Sanders with her boyfriend Terrence Jenkins

Actor Jasmine Sanders with her boyfriend, Terrence Jenkins

Concerning her husband the lady is yet to get married, however, she is dating. Jasmine Sanders’ boyfriend is none other than the famous Terrence Jenkins who is an American actor. Rumors indicate that Rob Kardashian, Jezzy, Chris Brown and Nick Cannon comprise Jasmine Sanders’ boyfriend before she met Terrence Jenkins. We sure hope that Jasmine Sanders’ husband makes an effort of proposing to the queen so that the wedding comes soon enough.

Her wiki-bio, ethnicity, height, weight.

The multitalented star is definitely an American by nationality. Given her fathers and mothers ethnic community you can easily tell that she is from the mixed ethnicity of African American and European ethnicity. About her body measurements, she has a small wait line of 24 inches, hip size of 35 inches and a bra size of 32 inches. She weighs 55 kilograms and stands on an adorable height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

Image of Actor Jasmine Sanders height is 5 feet and 7inches.

Actor Jasmine Sanders height is 5 feet and 7 inches.

Quick Facts About Jasmine Sanders

Name Jasmine Sanders
Nickname Golden Barbie
Age 27
Birthdate 22.06.1991
Birthplace Frankenthaler, Germany
Sister Alisha
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed-African American, European
Career Acting, Modeling, Social Media Personality
Net worth $5 million
Annual Salary $600,000
Boyfriend Terrence Jenkins
Children None

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