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Jacob Roloff Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Married, Accident 2022

Making the transition from reality television to normal life is never easy. It takes time, and also humility, as it slowly sets in that you will never be as popular as you were before. Jacob Roloff was the youngest child on the show Little People Big World. As such, he was famous even before he hit puberty.

Know Jacob Roloff Net Worth.

Career Info.

Like the rest of his family, the star had a long stint on reality television when the series, Little People Big World first premiered on the TLC Network. However, his time on the show was not easy. Jacob was the most vocal about the show’s problems and continuously criticized the producers for scripting their lives.

2015 saw him go on a lengthy Instagram rant about the show’s authenticity, and about a possible infringement of his contract. So it came as no surprise when the reality star finally left the show to focus on his content. Roloff wanted to step out of his family’s shadow and become his own man.

Image of Jacob Roloff from Little People Big World show
Jacob Roloff from Little People Big World show

After the star was done with reality television, he moved on to become a content maker on YouTube. Presently, Jacob is the co-founder of the Rock and Roloff channel on YouTube, alongside his fiancé.  On the channel, we get to see their road trips as they travel across America. The YouTuber is also not shy when it comes to talking about the reasons why he left the show. Their channel is monetized and is a source of income for the pair.

Apart from content making, Jacob has also written a book, Verbing, which is available on Amazon. The book details the hardships of growing up on the show, and all the angst he had as a teen. After the success of Jacob’s first book, the author is currently working on his second book.

Jacob Roloff Net Worth 2019 is $300,000.

The star’s net worth undoubtedly stems from his time on reality television. It is not a secret that reality television stars are some of the highest earners in the business, averaging around $10000 or more per episode. Sources say that Jacob Roloff has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Image of TV Personality, Jacob Roloff net worth is $300,000
TV Personality, Jacob Roloff net worth is $300,000

Jacob featured in well over 200 episodes during his stint on the popular show. It’s not hard to see where his impressive net worth comes from.

Presently, he earns his income from his YouTube channel, Rock & Roloff, as a content developer. Most popular YouTube channels are monetized. This means that you can earn a fair chunk of change, the more popular you become. The former reality star also makes more money promoting specific products and services on his channel.

Jacob Roloff Partner.

While not married, the star is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Isabel Sofia. The two got engaged during Christmas in 2017, in Iceland at a frozen pond. It was a romantic setting, and Isabel said yes. Afterward, the couple announced it to the rest of the world on social media.

Image of Jacob Roloff with his girlfriend Isabel Rock
Jacob Roloff with his girlfriend, Isabel Sofia

Working together has brought them closer. The couple runs a joint YouTube Channel, where they post videos of themselves on various trips around the country. Most people find it hard to work with their spouses, but this is not the case for the two. Though a wedding date has not been set, we can see that these two will go the distance.

Jacob Roloff Wiki-bio.

Full name Jacob Roloff
Age 22 years old.
Date of Birth January 17th, 1997
Place of Birth Portland, Oregon, USA.
Profession Real television star, YouTuber, Author and travel blogger
Net worth $300,000
Partner Isabel Sofia
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Capricorn.
Parents Matthew Roloff and Amy Roloff

Jacob Roloff was born in Portland, on the 17th of January, 1997, to parents Matthew and Amy Roloff. This makes the former child star 22 years old at the moment. The star is the youngest member of his family.

He was brought up alongside three other siblings, all of whom also featured on reality television. Unlike his parents and some of his siblings, Jacob was not born with the condition. The star is normal sized.

Image of Jacob Roloff parents Matthew Roloff and Amy Roloff
Jacob Roloff parents Matthew Roloff and Amy Roloff

Growing up on reality, television was not easy. Jacob had a hard time, especially in his teenage years. He felt detached from the rest of the world. This is not uncommon, especially on reality television where the lines between truth and fiction are occasionally blurred.

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