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Jackie Guerrido’s Net Worth. Also her cars, House.

Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido is a Journalist from Puerto. Apart from being a journalist, she is also weather presenter who rose through the ranks in various media outlets to an estimated net worth of $10 million. She has also appeared in different Telemundo’s with different roles. Her astonishing looks have earned her the celebrity status and a big fan base that seems to grow by the years. The mother of two has not shown signs of aging yet, attracting endorsements and deals from cosmetic companies and big fashion houses.


Jackie Guerrido’s net worth is an estimated $10 million, a figure which is expected to rise due to her diversity in the new business ventures she has undertaken especially the new clothing line which has begun to gain traction. Earnings from her acting gigs in Telemundo are also something to consider as far as her net worth is concerned.

Ttelevision weather forecaster Jackie Guerrido net worth is $10 million
Jackie Guerrido’s net worth is humongous

Having stolen the headlines for quite a while now, it’s no secret that Jackie Guerrido receives a fat check from her bosses from television job. Over the years Guerrido has attracted cosmetic companies and fashion houses who are fighting to land an endorsement deal from the stunning Latina. Such endorsements and upfront payments are what has catapulted Jackie Guerrido to the league of the rich and famous. Apart from her endorsements, Jackie Guerrido has ventured into business with her online store which deals with dresses and accessories.


She has not invested heavily in the property market. The only investment that stands out is her online store which deals with dresses and accessories. She is yet to venture into something that is worth mentioning.


Jackie Guerrido’s star has been rising year after year, and so is her ratings. This translates to more endorsements and deals with fashion houses and cosmetic companies. Her net worth is expected to increase by the years especially due to her latest involvement with the ever rising online junior clientele.








$ 8,000,000




$ 8,800,000




$ 9,200,000






Apart from her marriage and divorce, Jackie Guerrido has managed to keep her personal life a mystery. Even her current dating status has been swept under the rug. But judging from her lavish Miami home and her expensive dresses and jewelry, it no secret that she lives the life of the rich and famous.


Jackie Guerrido was born on September 224, 1972in San Juan Puerto Rico, where she attained her primary and secondary school education. Due to the violent nature of her father, she moved with her family to a domestic violence shelter known as ‘Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos’at a tender age of 7.

After graduating from high school, she moved her family to the Bronx in New York. She also studied meteorology at the University of Miami where she got a degree. Later, she studied at the University of Florida where she attained a Journalism degree.

In 2008 Jackie Guerrido got married to the famous reggaeton singer Don Omar whom she later divorced in 2011. She is blessed with two children namely; Adieny Nunez(daughter) and Tomas Ramirez(son). Her two children live with her at their lavish home.

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