Isabel Ruby Lieberstein Biography. Facts about Angela Kinsey Daughter.

Image of Isabel ruby lieberstein Biography. Facts about Angela Kinsey Daughter.

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Born from celebrities’ parents, Isabel Ruby Lieberstein already become a celebrity and earns fame without doing nothing. Isabel is the daughter of the famous NBC’s ‘The Office’ actress, Angela Kinsey, and Warren Lieberstein. But her parents separated after her birth. What the cause of her parents’ divorce? Does her mother married to another or still single?

In this article, we’ll explore the complete details of Angela Kinsey’s daughter, Isabel, and unknown facts. Stay with us!

Who is Isabel Ruby Lieberstein? Wiki, Bio

Being a celebrity kid, Isabel already made her name in the Hollywood industry. She was born to actress, Angela Kinsey, and writer Warren Lieberstein on 3rd May 2008. She was born at 12:50 pm, and weight was 6 Ibs and 14 oz, at the time.

One of the Office cast members and close of Angela, Jenna Ficher, supported her mother, she was at the hospital. Currently, she is studying in school. Talking about Isabel Ruby Lieberstein’s boyfriend, she is too young to have a boyfriend now. Maybe in the future, she will have the person, she loves the most.

Isabel Ruby Lieberstein’s Parents. What Did They Divorce?

Isabel’s parents’ Angela Kinsey and Paul Lieberstein, got married on June 18, 2000. Her father is a screenwriter and producer who is a brother of Paul Lieberstein. After eight years, the couple decided to end their marriage after eight years in 2008.

Image of Angela Kinsey with her ex- husband Paul Lieberstein

Angela Kinsey with her ex-husband, Paul Lieberstein

She was a few months old when her parents got divorced in February 2009. But her parents remained friends. In the year 2010, Isabel’s mother walked down the aisle with her long-term boyfriend, Joshua Synder, in 2016. Similarly, her biological father, Warren, remarried to Audrey Wauchope that same year and moved on their life.

Isabel Ruby Lieberstein’s Mother, Angela Kinsey

As you already know, Isabel’s mother is one of the popular actresses of tv shows and movies. Born in 1971, in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, Angela Faye Kinsey celebrates her birthday on June 25 with her close family and relation.

Image of Isabel Ruby Lieberstein with her mother Angela Lieberstein

Isabel Ruby Lieberstein with her mother, Angela Lieberstein

She portrayed the character of Angela Martin in the hit series ‘The Office’ that aired on NBC. Angela has won a Daytime Emmy Award for work on The Office.

Her other films and TV shows include Tripping Forward, Blacked out. Moreover, she had guest-starred in man TV series such as Step by Step, Your Family or Mine, and many more. She also starred in the Netflix series as Bethany, the mother of the main character.

Isabel Ruby Lieberstein’s Father, Paul Lieberstein.

Angela Kinsey’s daughter Isabel is currently living with Joshua and Angela, along with her siblings. Her father, Warren Lieberstein, is a writer and producer. Warren has worked tv shows such as Carpoolers and The Office. Warren was born on September 20, 1968, in Westport, Connecticut, USA. He is now 50 years old.

Image of Isabel Ruby Lieberstein parents Angela Lieberstein (mother) and father (Joshua Synder)

Isabel Ruby Lieberstein parents Angela Lieberstein (mother) and father (Joshua Synder)

Warren is the younger brother of Paul, a former actor. In 2000, he worked in a short-lived sketch comedy series ‘Hype’ aired on ABC network. Furthermore, he was nominated for a Writer Guild of America award for his work on The Office.

How Much is Isabel ruby Lieberstein Net Worth?

As of her net worth, she is very young to have her salary and net worth. However, she enjoys millions of net worth of her parents. Isabel’s mother, Angela, has a net worth of $12 million. She earns most of her wealth from her acting career.

Image of Isabel Ruby Lieberstein mother Angela Lieberstein net worth is $12 million

Isabel Ruby Lieberstein mother Angela Lieberstein net worth is $12 million

Moreover, her father Warren summoned millions of dollars. However, his actual salary and net worth both are still under the radar. According to sources, a screenwriter earns between $60,000 to $100,000 yearly.

How Old is Isabel Ruby Lieberstein? Siblings, Nationality, and Ethnicity

Angela Kinsey’s daughter Isabel Ruby Lieberstein was born in 2008. She celebrates her 11th birthday on May 3rd, along with her family and close family. After her parents, she lives with her mother and stepfather, Joshua Synder.

Moreover, she has two half-siblings born from her stepfather’s previous relationship. The three kids often appeared with her parents in the parties and events. Also, she holds American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

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