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Is Samuel Soba Real? Or Is It Another Name of Serge Ibaka? Or Is It a Hoax? Everything About Keri Hilson’s Husband.

Serge Ibaka

The main confusion related to Samuel Soba and Serge Ibaka started after some websites posted articles on the married life of Keri Hilson. These websites posted the images of Serge Ibaka with Keri Hilson and claimed them to be the photos of Soba and Hilson.

The similarity in the photos of Samuel Soba and Serge Ibaka led many people to think that both of them could be the same person. Therefore, some people claim to be different while others claim to be single people. Some people started believing in these rumors, spreading like wildfire.

Who is Samuel Soba?

According to a website, Samuel Soba is the husband of Keri Hilson, a popular R&B and pop singer. They married in 2002 and have a child named Jayden. The couple has been leading a happy married life since their marriage.

There is not much information about the personal and professional life of Soba. The birthplace of Samuel is believed to be Cuyahoga in Ohio. Because of very little information about his personal life, it is tough to verify his identity.

Keri Hilson with her husband Samuel Soba

Caption: Samuel Soba and his wife Keri Hilson seen in Red Carpet function

Source: Megazip

Who is Serge Ibaka?

Serge Ibaka is a well-established basketball player in NBA. He plays for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association. He is Congolese and is 32 years of age. He was born on 18 September 1989. Both parents were basketball players, so he had a keen interest in the game from childhood.

Ibaka has played for the national basketball team of Spain. Ibaka has been in a relationship with Keri Hilson since 2012. However, the pair broke up in 2016. The reasons for the break-up are not known.

Keri Hilson Marriage and Truth

Many websites claim that Keri Hilson was married to Samuel Soba in 2002. Still, the most verifiable and trusted source, Wikipedia, has no mention of her marriage on her Wikipedia page. This raises some questions. Another point worth mentioning is that the photos of Keri Hilson and Samuel Soba are, in reality, the pictures of Keri and Serge.

Many websites claim that Keri has a child from this marriage is also questionable because there is no reference to her child on her Wikipedia page. Therefore, it is doubtful that she married or established a relationship with Samuel Soba.

Samuel Soba and his wife Keri Hilson

Caption: Keri Hilson married her husband Samuel Soba in 2002

Source: Pinterest


No rumor related to these three people can be verified because not all of them have revealed much about their personal lives. Some say that Keri married Serge in 2002, and his actual name is Samuel Soba. He changed his name to NBA.

They also claim that the age Serge is higher than the known one. This rumor is also wrong because Serge came to the USA around 2009, and the marriage between Keri and Soba took place earlier. Other than the articles on the websites, there is no source to know anything about Samuel Soba.

Overall, it can be said that the rumor is fake, and there is no evidence to prove which claim is valid. A website started this rumor to increase its traffic.

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