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Is Hidden Potential star Jasmine Roth Pregnant with a second child?

After teasing changes in her family’s future on social media for several months, HGTV personality Jasmine Roth delighted fans on May 10, 2024, by announcing her second pregnancy.

Known for her role on “Help! I Wrecked My Home,” Jasmine, alongside her husband Brett Roth, recently celebrated their daughter Hazel’s fourth birthday with a flurry of online posts showcasing the festivities.

As they eagerly anticipate the arrival of their newest addition, Jasmine, at 39, admits that pregnancy at her age comes with its challenges. Nevertheless, she’s buoyed by the excitement Hazel displays about becoming a big sister.

Jasmine recounted a recent dinner where Hazel eagerly asked if the baby had arrived yet, foreshadowing the amusing queries she expects to field throughout her pregnancy.

Jasmine Roth Says It Took Over a Year to Get Pregnant With Her Second Child

In a collaborative Instagram post with People magazine, the Roths unveiled their joyous news through a series of snapshots. The images capture the couple proudly displaying sonogram pictures, with their radiant daughter Hazel sporting cute pigtails, gleefully posing alongside them.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to share that our family is expanding,” Jasmine conveyed to the publication. “This pregnancy has brought its own set of unique experiences, especially navigating it in my late thirties.”

Emphasizing the deliberate nature of their decision, Jasmine added, “Expanding our family was a deeply considered choice for us, and we’re eagerly embracing this journey.”

She explained,

“It took over a year to get pregnant, so we’re feeling very fortunate to be on this journey, and are thrilled to soon be a family of four. Our daughter Hazel can’t wait to be a big sister. She loves babies right now and is counting down the days until she gets to meet our new little one.”

Hazel’s arrival was a delightful surprise for the Roths. Despite tying the knot in 2013, they had reservations about starting a family. However, their uncertainty dissolved when Jasmine discovered she was expecting in 2019, as revealed by HGTV. Persistent nausea prompted a suggestion at a red carpet event for “A Very Brady Renovation” to take a pregnancy test, which confirmed their joyful news.

During this time, Jasmine, then hosting “Hidden Potential,” shared her pregnancy journey with HGTV, culminating in Hazel’s birth in April 2020.

Jasmine’s recent pregnancy announcement sparked a flood of well-wishes from fans and friends, including Brian Kleinschmidt from “100 Day Dream Home,” who expressed his excitement with a celebratory message. Among the comments, one fan joyfully exclaimed, “OMGoodness! I’m seriously so happy for you all. I’ve wondered but wasn’t ever going to ask. Now I’m overjoyed!” Another congratulated Jasmine, noting, “Hazel is going to be the best big sister! You weren’t kidding when you said you had a new project in the works!”

Jasmine Roth Has Shared Contemplative Posts About Shifting Priorities & Impending Change

In the weeks preceding her pregnancy announcement, Jasmine hinted at significant changes on the horizon for her family.

She unveiled one of these changes on May 3, disclosing their unexpected decision to sell their newly completed $2.8 million winter residence in Utah, where they had resided for the past four months. Despite their passion for skiing and snowboarding, the Roths returned to their Orange County, California home in late April.

In a post about the listing, Jasmine teased further developments, cryptically writing, “And since I know you’re going to ask what’s next – my answer is…lots of things happening over here for the Roths. More to come very soon. 😉😉”

Reflecting on shifting priorities and the pursuit of simplicity, the construction expert shared multiple introspective musings. On April 26, she pondered, “I’ve been thinking lately about how ‘more is not always more.’ If you’re anything like me, you’re driven to build a beautiful life and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing that the biggest, best, nicest, and MORE of something…you get what I’m saying…is what that means.”

In another post on April 13, she candidly acknowledged a phase of evolving life goals, affirming, “It’s ok for goals to change. For the things you wanted (and even worked so hard to get) to not be the things you’re striving for anymore. It’s also ok to have a hard time admitting this change. To yourself and especially to others.”

“Like me,” she elaborated, “if you wear your goals on your sleeve, it can be confusing and tough for the people who love you to witness your goals evolve. Change is hard!”

Just hours prior to revealing her pregnancy, Jasmine shared a heartfelt moment, posting a photo of herself holding Hazel and reflecting, “Thinking a lot about my ‘why’ lately. 💛💛”

While the fourth season finale of “Help! I Wrecked My House” aired in early 2024, HGTV has yet to confirm whether a fifth season is on the horizon.

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