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sdfsdIs ‘Bargain Block’ Coming Back to HGTV in 2024? Everything We Know About Season 4 and a New Spin-Off

Exciting news for Bargain Block enthusiasts! Keith Bynum, Evan Thomas, and Shea Hicks-Whitfield are making their return to your screens soon! Following a triumphant third season, HGTV has officially greenlit both a fourth season of Bargain Block and an exciting spin-off, Bargain Block: New Orleans.

Loren Ruch, HGTV’s head of content, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Millions of HGTV fans have been captivated by Keith, Evan, and Shea’s transformative work across Detroit neighborhoods.

With this new 10-episode order, they’ll continue their mission of revitalization, breathing new life into even more properties.

Additionally, we’re thrilled to expand this beloved concept with Bargain Block: New Orleans, where Keith and Evan will tackle renovating homes in the vibrant landscape of the Big Easy, creating safe, stunning, and accessible starter homes.”

Bargain Block: New Orleans will maintain the familiar and beloved format of Bargain Block, but this time, it’s set a few hundred miles south of Detroit, in the vibrant city of New Orleans.

While the crew typically operates and films in Detroit, this new location brings its own set of unique challenges, such as dealing with hurricane damage and navigating stringent construction codes.

“Loren emphasized, “Millions of home renovation enthusiasts have eagerly followed Keith, Evan, and Shea’s dedication to enhancing Detroit communities throughout three seasons of Bargain Block, making it a cornerstone of the network’s ratings.

We’re confident their devoted fan base will eagerly join them on their journey to New Orleans, witnessing their transformational efforts in preserving this unique city.”

The upcoming 10-episode fourth season and the 5-episode spin-off are slated to debut on HGTV in fall 2024.

While fans anticipate the arrival of these new seasons, Keith, Evan, and Shea have been diligently filming, renovating, and listing properties since January.

Additionally, Keith and Evan have garnered widespread acclaim as fan favorites on the fifth season of Rock the Block.”

According to a source from HGTV, Bargain Block Season 4 is slated for release around August 2024.


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