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Molly Yeh baby no. 2 Ira Dorothy Yeh 2022

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Image of Hagen Yeh second daughter, Molly Ira Dorothy

Molly Yeh is a chef and TV personality. Thanks to her expertise in the culinary arts and her country life in a farmhouse, she knows a lot of midwestern recipes. The viewers appreciate her teaching methods in the show Girl Meets Farm. Furthermore, she is an author of a cookbook that summarizes many of her amazing recipes.

In 2022, Molly gave birth to her second daughter. Thus, this article is dedicated to providing all information about Molly Yeh’s baby no 2, Ira Dorothy Yeh Hagen.

Ira Dorothy Yeh Hagen

Ira was born to Nick and his wife on Feb 20, 2022. This date is particular because it is a palindrome number. A mutual friend suggested the name, and the duo loved it. They used a gender reveal to aid in the naming process before Ira’s delivery was done.

Dorothy is short for Dorothea, which is named after Nick’s great-grandma. The farmhouse that they currently live and film on is also Dorothea’s property, to begin with. Ira was born at 9:20 am, and the couple felt lucky as the delivery was done between a gap between two snowstorms.

In this post from the TV personality’s Instagram, we see little Ira beside a plate of cookies. The comments are filled with compliments on the baby’s cuteness and congratulatory wishes. We wish baby Dorothy grows up to be a fine woman like her mom.

Photo of Ira Dorothy Yeh

Ira Dorothy’ besides half-eaten cookies.

Molly Yeh Love Life

In 2014, Nick and Molly started their marital journey. Nick supports his wife in her TV career, and the duo lives in his great grandma’s farmhouse. Today, they are parents to two angelic daughters, Ira and Bernie.

The duo travels around a lot and always sticks by each other. This picture is from when they went to the winter Olympics in 2018. Nick is a classic countryman, and he plays the guitar and usually accompanies his wife on the set.

Hagen Molly Yeh in winter Olympic 2018


Image of Hagen Molly and her husband.

Hagen Molly Yeh in winter Olympic 2018

Molly frequently posts about her husband on her Instagram handle. As of 2022, she has 782k fans on the platform.


Who is Ira Dorothy’s Older Sister?

Bernie was born in 2020. She is Ira’s older and only sister. The two-year-old is probably the most excited one to meet her little sister. As Molly mentions, Bernie wished good morning every day to the womb and even practiced reading stories to her doll. The couple thinks that Bernie is determined to raise her little sister herself.

Ira’s sister loves watching ‘Frozen.’ The couple thinks the sister duo will share a fantastic connection. Baby Bernie is just as cute as her new sister, as we can see in this post from Molly.

Quick Wiki

Full Name Ira Dorothy Yeh Hagen
Age One month old (as of March 2022)
Date of Birth Feb 20, 2022
Mother Molly Yeh
Father Nick Hagen
Sister Bernie Hagen
Time of Birth 9:20 am, Tuesday

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