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Ingrid Quinn Wiki-Biography and Life after divorce with David Boreanaz

Ingrid Quinn and David Boreanaz

When it comes to Hollywood marriages, most of them end sooner, some because of extramarital affairs while others are due to irreconcilable differences. Ingrid Quinn is a famous social worker who was married to the renowned actor and movie producer David Boreanaz, but the marriage did not last. Very few people knew the reason for the split. In this article, we will be revealing the reason for Ingrid Quinn and Boreanaz and what she is currently up to.

She is the ex-wife of David Boreanaz. A look at their married life

Quinn and David started dating in 1994. There is no information about where they met. They dated for three years before getting married in 1997. At that time, David was a famous film producer and an actor while Quinn was a renown social worker.

Sadly, their love life did not last for long. In 1999, the two-year marriage came to a halt. At that time, the cause of their divorce was still underwaters, and because they did not have any kids, the spilled was faster and more comfortable for both of them.

In Hollywood, there are usually two primary reasons for divorces. It is either because of jealousy or misunderstanding. Also, sometimes being over-possessive may prompt a breakup, and that is the main reason why Quinn and David separated.

It is reported that Quinn was spying on her husband and cast members. Although she was a supportive wife, she became too insecure when she saw her husband too close to someone.

Ingrid Quinn with her ex-husband David Boreanaz
Caption:- Ingrid Quinn with her ex-husband David Boreanaz

Source:- Facebook

Furthermore, she used to visit the set often just to monitor what her husband does with the suspicious person. The name of the female co-cast is not known yet. And there is no evidence that David cheated on Ingrid Quinn or not, but sadly the insecurity ended their marriage sooner.

Life after divorce with David Boreanaz

Ingrid Quinn became famous when she got married to the famous producer cum actor David Boreanaz. But before the marriage, she was just a normal social worker.

She managed to survive the typical hassle and struggles of her career.  After she got divorced from David in 1999, she went on to date and married Jaime Bergman.

Sunny day on the start of epp 11 with Sir Ian at the helm. Two to go!

Posted by David Boreanaz on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

However, she did not come to the media to explain what happened to her marriage, and nothing about her was ever heard since that time. However, it is still suspected that she is continuing with her social work, and everyone wishes her all the best in whatever she is doing.


Ingrid Quinn is a simple woman who became famous in Hollywood after she married her now ex-husband David Boreanaz. After the divorce, she shied away from the limelight and chose to keep her life private. However, before getting married to David, she worked as a social worker.

Her net worth, salary and a better part of her life are less known to the media. However, David said Quinn quite social work after they got married and got engaged in other businesses.

However, many assumed that she went back to her social work career. As of now, no one knows her net worth.

As for David, he is still in Hollywood doing what he does best: film production and acting.

Wiki bio

Full Name Ingrid Quinn
Ethnicity White
Place of Birth The United States
Profession Social Worker
Marital Status Yes ( Jaime Bergman)
Net worth Not disclosed
Kids Not disclosed

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