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Ian Hanomansing Net Worth, Salary, Wife Nancy, Age, Wiki-Bio

The CBC Network is huge on gender equality, diversity and minority representation in its team and that’s why they hired Ian Hanomansing. However, that’s not the only reason they gave him a co-anchoring role on their nightly edition called The National.

As you’ll find out, the journalist put in a lot of work to get to where he is today, and we’re happy to tell you all about his career and net worth stats. Closely related to that would be a highlight of his personal life, wife, age and his Wiki-bio.

Ian Hanomansing net worth, Salary, Sources of Income

Most journalists with known broadcasting careers live high-end lives, and our guy is no exception to it. Ian Hanomansing has a current net worth of approximately $2 million which he has harnessed as a news presenter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Ian Hanomansing’s salary caps to about $45,000 annually with the exclusion of bonuses. However, journalism isn’t his only source of income. Ian also holds a Law degree that comes in handy from time to time and as a result, he has appeared in interviews from time to time.

Image of Canadian Journalist, Ian Hanomansing net worth is $2 million
Canadian Journalist, Ian Hanomansing net worth is $2 million

Some of the shows he has committed himself into include, The National, Front Page Challenge, The Hour, True Crime Canada, and CBC News Now. He also hosted the 2004 East Coast Music Awards as well as the Beijing 2008 Games of the Olympiad.

Ian Hanomansing Career Info

After completing his Law degree from the Dalhousie Law School in 1986, the journalist got a Summer job at CKDH, a Canadian radio station. The same summer also included positions at two other stations namely CKCW in Moncton, New Brunswick, and CHNS near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Image of Newsreader, Ian Hanomansing
Newsreader, Ian Hanomansing

Hanomansing hit a gold mine the same year when he landed at CBC’s branch in Maritimes as a reporter. He later got transferred to Toronto where he would chase stories to where they led him. Finally, he relocated to Vancouver where he presented a summer series called Feeling the Heat on CBC Radio One.

The young reporter Ian Hanomansing did many exclusives including, Foreign Assignment, Pacific Rim Report and even reported for The National in 2010. He also anchored the news program, Canada Now and CBC News: Vancouver until 2017 when he became part of panelists on The National.

Over the years, Hanomansing won 2008’s Gemini Award for the Best News Anchor and 2016’s Canadian Screen Award for Best National News Anchor. He also got an honorary Doctor of Laws from the Mount Allison University in 2003 which goes to show how excellent his work is.

Ian Hanomansing is Married to a wife, Nancy Trott.

If there’s one thing the TV presenter puts straight is not his sexuality but rather his marital status and the respect for privacy that comes with it. Ian Hanomansing is married to his wife Nancy Trott since 1991 and so far has two kids with her. Their names and birthdates are considered confidential. However, Nancy’s career isn’t.

Image of Ian Hanomansing wife Nancy Hanomansing
Ian Hanomansing wife, Nancy Hanomansing

His wife Nancy works as a lawyer, professor and executive director for McCarthy Tetrault situated both in Vancouver and Calgary. It is her law degree that made her cross paths with her husband during their college years at Dalhousie Law School.

The family doesn’t receive much publicity as per their choice except when showing their love for piano and hockey. The kids take after their father on that sport even as they call Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood their current home.

Ian Hanomansing Age, Parents, Family, Wiki-bio, Facts.

Full name Ian Harvey Hanomansing
Age 58
Date of Birth 1961
Place of Birth Port of Spain, Trinidad
Profession Journalist, lawyer
Net worth $2 million
Wife Nancy Trott
Kids 2
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Unknown

Like most of his private life, Ian’s date of birth is still unknown. However, he was born in the year 1961 in the Port of Spain, Trinidad to his father Harvey and mother unknown. We know this-this through a funny story of how he changed his name from Hanomansing to Harvey and back to get recognition from a girl during his time in radio.

The journalist Ian Hanomansing got raised in Sackville, New Brunswick and later enrolled at Mount Allison University. He slowly worked his way to a degree in Political Science and Sociology at the institution to the aforementioned Law degree.

During the initial stages of his career in broadcasting, his friends were fond of calling him, ‘Handsome man thing’ derived from his last name. Since then, he has come a long way to represent the Canadian minority of mixed ethnicity. The father of two is of Indo-Caribbean ancestry and currently 58 years old.


For Ian Hanomansing, it’s always family. First, career second, and hobbies last. The principle helps him generate a commendable net worth and remain happily married to his wife and kids

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