How did Gabe Rygaard die? His wife, kids, Wiki-Bio 2022

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Gabe Rygaard was a hardworking American logger, businessman and reality star. He was famous for his role on History Channel’s Ax Men. Many words were shared during his funeral regarding his time on earth and the type of person he was. Above all else, he was a father and husband to his loving wife and kids. Here’s a look into his career, net worth, wife, age, kids, and Wiki-bio before he died. We will also look at the cause of death.

Who was Gabe Rygaard?

Ever since Rygaard was in elementary school, he had always looked up to his father as a mentor. Gabe Rygaard knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up, but his old man wouldn’t let him. Instead, he encouraged him to try out other stuff and pick out a different career from the family logging business.

The young actor went off to college and became a fisherman based in Alaska. However, something felt odd about it, and he returned home to work alongside his dad in his logging business. A couple of years and Gabe broke out to start his firm in 1994 only to come back to merge it with his dad’s.

Image of Gabe Rygaard from Axe Men show

Gabe Rygaard from Ax Men show

The opportunity to join the cast of History Channel’s Ax Men presented itself during the show’s second season when he made his debut. Since then, he was a regular on the series till it got Axd during its ninth season in 2016.

As per the time of death, Ax Men star Gabe Rygaard had accumulated a net worth totaling up to $3 million according to online sources. Most of it came through his logging business while a considerable chunk originated from his career as a TV regular.

Image of TV Personality, Gabe Rygaard net worth is $3 million

TV Personality, Gabe Rygaard net worth is $3 million

Gabe Rygaard’s death. How did he die?

On September 16th, 2016, the life of the reality star was whisked away in a tragic road accident in Port Angeles, Washington. According to the high patrol reports and the local news, he was driving his white Ford Bronco when the incident happened.

A black Chevy Tahoe in front of him was coming to a stop, and in a bid to overtake him, Rygaard snipped the back of the vehicle cause it to steer into oncoming traffic. He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt when a Dodge Ram Van crashed into him.

Image of Gabe Rygaard died tragic road accident in Port Angeles, Washington

Gabe Rygaard died a tragic road accident in Port Angeles, Washington

The reality star perished while receiving medical care after he got rushed to the nearby Olympic Medical Center. Gabe’s death comes in third in four years following the demise of his castmates, Jimmy Smith, and William Colantuono. The former died of cancer in 2012 while the latter perished from a gruesome helicopter crash in 2013.

Gabe Rygaard’s wife and their married life with kids.

The reality star left behind a loving wife named Katy Sotebeer-Rygaard and three kids named Aiden, Trilby Bowe, and Tucker. The couple were inseparable and even worked together as partners in his timber brokerage company, Ryfield Properties Inc. His firstborn son, Aiden, was also his right-hand man and appeared with him in the reality series.

Image of Gabe Rygaard with his wife Katy Rygaard and with their kids

Gabe Rygaard with his wife Katy Rygaard and with their kids

The death news came as a shock to the family who took it pretty hard. A Facebook post by Katy states;

“With great sadness, we say good-bye to Gabe. He was a faithful husband, devoted father, brother & son. Gabe loved the Lord Jesus Christ, logging and life. He will be missed. We are thankful for your concern and prayers, but ask you to please respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time. A service to honor Gabe will be held at King’s Way Foursquare Church in Sequim WA. Details will be announced soon. “(family announcement & press release)

Gabe Rygaard Age, Birthdate, Family, Siblings, Wiki-Bio, and Facts.

Full nameGabe Rygaard

Age45 at the time of death
Date of BirthAugust 3rd, 1971
Place of BirthPort Angeles, Washington state
ProfessionThe reality star, Logger, Businessman
Net worth$3 million
WifeKaty Rygaard
Zodiac SignLeo

The father of three was born on August 3rd, 1971 in Port Angeles in the state of Washington. His parents are Craig and Kathy Rygaard. He grew up alongside his brother Jason, who also appeared in the series.

The bereaved family requested for steadfast love from their fans and utmost privacy while they mourned for their beloved. So far, there is no info about the late reality star Gabe Rygaard early life and education.

However, we do know he was a man of the people and often provided employment opportunities to the locals. He even tried running for County Commissioner through the Republican umbrella in Clallam County but lost in August.


The Ax Men family and all its fans will forever remember Gabe Rygaard for the star he was up to the time of death. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family, and may he rest in peace.

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