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Helene Boshoven Samuel: Bio, Parents, Age of Heidi Klum’s Daughter. 2022

Heidi Klum's daughter Helene Boshoven Samuel

Helene Boshoven Samuel is Heidi Klum’s first child. She is also known as Leni and is Heidi Klum’s eldest daughter. She was born on 4th May 2004, in New York City. As of 2022, Helena Boshoven Samuel is aged 18 years.  She is of mixed ethnicity, Italian American, German American. Helene holds an American nationality.

Helene Boshoven Samuel Wiki, Biography, Age, Siblings, Contact &  Informations | Young celebrities, American top model, Celebrity kids


Heidi Klum’s daughter is the biological child of an Italian businessman Flavio Briatore but was brought up by her stepfather, Seal. It turns out that Klum met Seal in a New York hotel after a workout session and fell in love with him. Her mother is a television personality and a famous model. Helene Boshoven Samul’s educational background still remains a mystery. She is still young, and perhaps more information will surface in the future.

Helene Boshoven Samuel with her father Seal

Caption: Helene Boshoven Samuel with her father Seal

Source: Daily Mail

Heidi Klum’s daughter Helene Boshoven Samuel’s wiki, bio

Name: Helena Boshoven Samuel

Nickname: Leni

Birthdate: 4th May 2004

Age: 18 years old.

Parents: Heidi Klum, Seal Samuel, Flavio Briatore

Siblings:  Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, Lou Sulola Samuel Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu Samuel

Religion: Christian

Country of Birth: New York, United States of America.

Ethnicity: Italian American, German American

Nationality: United States of America


Her mother is a renowned international supermodel, businesswoman, and television host.

Helene Boshoven Samuel's mother Heidi Klum

Caption: Helene Boshoven Samuel’s mother Heidi Klum

Source: Pinterest

Helene was born on 4th May 2004, in New York City. Her parents, Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore began dating in 2003 and by the end of December, she announced her pregnancy. Apparently, they had split up by the time Hellen was born. The adopted father, Seal, was present during her birth. Her adoption was finalized in 2009. After which she was given her adopted father’s name Samuel.

Biological father.

The biological father of Helene Boshoven is the managing director of Renault’s Formula One Team. Flavio Briatore has no presence in her life as she grew up with her stepfather Samuel. Heidi Klum and Seal are divorced since January 22nd, 2012. She has three half-siblings. The family lived happily together until they divorced in 2015 after 8 years of marriage. Rumor has it that Helene Boshoven is as pretty as the mom. They have a similar physical appearance and who knows, she might end up as a model just like the mom.

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