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Heather Storm Wiki-bio: Facts, age, Net worth, married, husband 2022

Herather Storm wiki bio

Heather Storm is an elegant individual whose personality is respected by the global entertainment industry. She is best known for her American television personality, in which she engages in co-hosting the reality show Garage Squad.

This reality show influenced her personal life, which made her followers and lovers start raising questions about her personal life, even though this generated fame and popularity.

This article is to reveal some unique aspects of Heather’s life.

Garage Squad Heather is neither Married nor dating a Boyfriend. She is single.

After a series of research, there is a high probability that Storm is still single because she never even mentions anything like her husband or boyfriend in all the interviews she has granted to the media.

Even if she has a husband, we would like to agree that she only decided to be conservative about her relationship life to avoid gossip about her family.

Heather Storm Net worth

Due to Storm’s popularity and influence, her net worth by 2017 has been around 1.8 Million dollars. From Reality TV shows to the businesses she engages in, like her being the CEO of a particular business company.


Heather Storm had her childhood in Montana and spent most of her childhood in the foothills of the Large Snowy Mountains. Furthermore, he has been enthusiastic about adventure, conservation, and nature, which informed her adulthood life career and profession as an Environmental biologist who engages in Conservative tourism.

Storm possesses attributes like Intelligence, cognition, and a beautiful individual. Moreover, she is truly what the world can describe as a renaissance woman of the 21st century. She embarked on various exploration voyages to the Turks and Caicos Islands and some other tourist centers on different continents.

With her love for adventure, she reveals she has a blog that displays all her adventurous ventures and healthy recipes.

Heather Storm Age, birthday, Birth date

Heather Storm celebrates her birthday on the 13th of June. She was born on the 13th of June 1962.

Career and Profession

Heather Storm’s love for tourism can’t be undermined due to her various journeys to over 20 countries around the world on different continents. Furthermore, this was informed by her environmental science study, which made her an advocate for Sustainable tourism.

She took great interest in business and became a great successful businesswoman by becoming the Co-founder and CEO of a boutique eco-event Company named Black Lab.

Storm is viral for her reality TV shows. She appeared on over 21 shows as the host, namely: Street Tuner Challenge and Gamers. She appeared in a series of movies titled: No Bad Days, Nail Demon, Rush Hour 3, and more.

Moreover, She became more popular by appearing on Garage Squad’s reality TV shows. Even though there are other reality show appearances like Tosh.O, 1000 Ways to Die, Surviving Disaster, and Garage Squad made her more prominent.

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