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Hazen Audel Wiki- Bio, Married, Net worth, Age, Parents, Height 2022

Hazen Audel

It’s up to a celebrity whether or not they would like to share a closer view of their personal life, reveal personal details, or keep away from being in the spotlight. However, you can’t stop fans from doing what they do best, knowing every single detail about their favorite celebrity.

And for all the Audel fans, we have brought you all the possible details about his life: including whether he is married, wiki-bio, net worth, age, his parents, and height. Hazen Audel is an American star who first embraced fame as the face of the television series “Survive The Tribe” aired on the National Geographic channel since 2014. He currently hosts the show, Primal survivor.

Survive The Tribe cast Hazen Audel net worth 2022

The reality television star is seen as somewhat untamed in the role that he plays in the Survive The Tribe show.The show was a huge success, however, no information regarding the net worth or salary of the star has been leaked to the media. We can assume that the net worth of the star is of a chunky worth. It has claimed to be that many reality television stars gain a decent amount of net worth.It is reported that the net worth of reality tv star’scan reaches $2 to $3 million a year. And salaries can be up to $75 000 per season.

Hazen Audel's net worth is aound $3 Million
Hazen Audel’s net worth is around $3 Million

Is Hazen Audel married to a wife? Or still single? What about his girlfriend?

Hazel Auden is not married and has never been married. It is quite strange that the 40-year-old has never been married, but he says he is now looking for a good girl. The star is trying to attempt his best shot at relationships.

He says:

‘I’ve been giving this love stuff a pretty good shot – my last relationship lasted for six years,’

He continues

‘And I loved being crazy in love. The problem was, it was crazy – it had an uncanny resemblance to Fatal Attraction! ‘I barely came out of that alive and I was lucky my cat didn’t get boiled! At least I know where never to venture again.’

While the idea of boiling cats is an absolute no, Hazen seems to enjoy a decent variety of foods; he has referred to cooking as a definite path to his heart. The star argues that cooking is not a way of perfection so no worries if you are not good at it.

Hazen Audel: family and parents

He is a Native American and has tribal genes of Kootenai and Salish in his ancestry line. Hazen has revealed that his parents are very good parents.He describes his parents to be the ones that have taught him everything he needs to know about life.His parents have helped him through all the challenges. He tells that his mother is his role model. She has gained wisdom and has always shared it with me.,Says Hazen. The star’s parents are married for 55 years.

Family Pictures: Hazen Audel camping in Nepal with his family members
Hazen Audel with his beautiful family in Nepal, Camping

Source: Spokesman

Hazen Audel: Wiki–bio, age, and height

The star’s wiki-bio reveals that he spent more than fifteen years being a  leader for outdoor experiences. He was previously doing this before he became the host of  Survive the Tribe.

Hazen Audel scene in Primal Survivor
Hazen Audel in Tv Series “Primal Survivor”

Source: BT TV

He also was previously a member of the YouTube channel Untamed Science. He is currently 48 years old however his height remains unknown.

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