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Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Hazel E Age, Net Worth, Spouse, Wiki Bio. 2022

Never being out of the limelight is basically what reality star Hazel E believes. The Love And Hip Hop Hollywood fame star has always made to news sometimes for rumors and sometimes for senseless remarks she makes. Hazel E ( Real Name Erica Adams) is a VH1 fame reality show star from the show Love And Hip Hop Hollywood and Hollywood. Hazel E from Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’s Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Wiki-bio.

How old is Hazel E from Love And Hip Hop Hollywood? her age, birthdate, signs

Hazel E, the eye-catching rapper was born on 25th April 1980. She shares her birthday with the late famous jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. She is presently 41 years old and has Taurus as her zodiac.


Hazel E was born in 1980 with the name Erica Adams in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hazel E is her stage name. Since she comes from a military background family, as a kid and teen, she was constantly on move. She discovered her passion for singing at an early age and began singing. She graduated from Southwest Texas State University. Less to almost no further information is available about her early life and family.

Who is Hazel E from Love And Hip Hop Hollywood? Her Career and profession.

Now that you know how old Hazel E from Love And Hip Hop Hollywood is, now let us tell you about her career, and then we will reveal to you Hazel E’s et Worth.

Starting at the early age of 17, she has successfully made a huge fan base as a singer and reality tv star. In the year 2008, she came up with her first mixtape “Shoe Fetish” followed by “Valley Girl” in 2010. Valley Girl proved to be a great hit. In 2011 came her second mixtape, “The Diary of a Valley Girl”. In 2012, she released “The Girl Code” and also participated with her boyfriend in the hit VH1 reality show Love And  Hip Hop Hollywood. She also worked as a publicist with a few artists.

She is also a well-known rapper and has also released a few EPs. During the second season of the show, she released her second single “Everything” and used the shoe to promote it. Hazel E successfully maintained her celebrity status by being a ratchet on the show. She also had an on-air verbal argument with her then-boyfriend Yung Berg.

Later, she also associated herself with the KT Music Groups, and with them, she released two songs, “Na U Kno” and “No Chill”. She is now no more a part of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood and has left or has been fired from the show due to controversies. Presently, she continues to work on her music and runs her own music company.

How Much are Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Hollywood Hazel E Net Worth & Salary per episode? sources of income, house, cars, lifestyle

Hazel E  from Love And Hip Hop Hollywood gained a lot of popularity because of her constant dedication and passion for her work. Her sources of income are not just the show, but also her music career, other tv shows, posts for which she is sponsored, and social media. Hazel E’s net worth is $400 Thousand.

Hazel seems to be a car lover. She has a Porsche Panamera Sport which she chose over Maserati Ghilbi. She loves her Panamera but plans to buy a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon soon. She was gifted a house by her boyfriend Katt Williams.

Relationship: Her dating life and boyfriend (past and present)

Here comes the part.! So, of course, if you are a Hazel E fan or a lover of the show LHHH, you must be aware of the great verbal argument Hazel had on-screen with her then-boyfriend Yang Berg.

Hazel E has always tried to keep her personal life a secret but the paparazzi…! She hasn’t married yet. About previous relationships, after Yang, Hazel dated Katt Williams for a long. Katt and Hazel had a quite materialistic relationship which was clear as Katt showered all his money on Hazel by gifting her a house and a Porsche. They broke when Katt was at gunpoint for allegedly attacking a bodyguard.

Ray J, the actor, and singer was his next date by hazel. They broke up soon. Not much is known about their relationship. Hazel E also dated her co-star, Rose Burgundy from LHHH in 2016. There is currently no news about her dating or being in a relationship with anyone.

Hazel E with boyfriend (ex) Rose Burgundy.

Recently she made news on her remark that all gays should be burned in hell and on the Holy Bible as well. If the news is to be believed, Love  And Hip Hop Hollywood are done with Hazel E and she has been dropped off of the show.

Sources said it is because of her gay remark but the producers declined it saying that before such remarks, she had already pissed the cast and the producers. Hence, they decided to pull the plug. She is into controversies these days and there is no information about any of her upcoming mixtapes.

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