What happened to Heather Storm from “Garage Squad”?

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You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “Seasons Come and Go,” right? Well, this upcoming season on MotorTrend Network’s Garage Squad will see fan favourite Heather Storm leave and a new player take her place. The Garage Squad new cast will premiere on the sixth season on August 28th. However, as everyone gets psyched up to meet the new Garage Squad girl, we can’t help but wonder what happened to Heather Storm. Here’s the 411.

Heather Storm’s journey in Garage Squad.

Garage Squad first premiered in 2014, and we met her the following year as the show’s co-host. Since then, Heather Storm appeared for four seasons alongside other casts like Bruno Massel and Joe Zolper. At best, she was the most loveable character out of all the rest from showcasing her enthusiasm in cars.

Storm’s passion for vehicles didn’t start on the Velocity now MotorTrend Network. She had always worked on cars with her dad as early as 11 years old. Initially, she lived in Philadelphia with her family but moved to Montana. Consequently, she got her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Oregon State University.

Image of Heather Storm from the TV show, Garage Squad

Heather Storm from the TV show, Garage Squad

Work had her move to Puerto Rico for a while before she settled in Los Angeles. While there, she tried out a few modelling gigs and became the Luxury Spirit portfolio manager. Moreover, she also worked as a fitness trainer, founded Black LaB, a boutique event company and landed multiple commercials on television. As a result, the Network hired her as part of their new Garage Squad cast. But that’s all in the past now.

Why did Heather Storm Leave “Garage Squad”?

In April 2019, a press release announced that Heather Storm would not appear on the series sixth instalment. We can tell she was completely unaware of the news when she made a Facebook post a few days later.

“By now a lot of you have ‘heard’ that I won’t be returning to host Garage Squad for Season 6. Honestly, I wasn’t aware MotorTrend was going to make that announcement this week, so I apologise you didn’t hear the news from me first!”

Image of Heather Storm news

Heather Storm news

Judging from her tone, the network blindsided her and let her go. Regardless of whether her contract with MotorTrend expired or her rumoured bad blood with the executives, the announcement came as unscrupulous.

What is Heather Storm Doing now? Her New TV show?

As the series prepares to welcome a new Garage Squad girl, Heather Storm has her eyes set out on another show. She writes, produces and hosts, Drive Yourself Local, a YouTube series that sees her explore America in her 1965 Mustang.

Life isn’t all bad for Storm since she still has her boutique business. Moreover, she also co-hosts the podcast Man Seeks Adventure and maintains her lifestyle blog, On the Road. Overall, the exposure she got from Garage Squad is enough to set her for life. Heather Storm has a huge fan following on Social Media that continues to rally with her post her departure.

New Garage Squad Girl is Christy Lee.

Taking Heather Storm’s old job is the new Garage Squad girl, Christy Lee. The news came with the same announcement that saw Storm blindsided back in April. She, however, thanked her fans for the support and wished Christy Lee all the best in her new role.

Image of Christy Lee, the new Garage Squad girl

Christy Lee, the new Garage Squad girl

Lee will join NHRA driver Bruno Massel and lead mechanic Joe Zolper as part of the Garage Squad new cast as commissioned by David Lee, the Vice president of MotorTrend Network.

Christy Lee is Garage Squad New Cast after Heather Storm Left the show.

Bruno Massel and Joe Zolper were part of her welcoming wagon after the news broke. They all had nice things to say about their new co-host considering their long-lasted friendship off-camera.

Image of Bruno Massel and Joe Zolper

Heather Storm with Bruno Massel and Joe Zolper

“I’ve been watching her, and as a real gearhead, I can spot a phoney from a mile away. That’s not Cristy,” said the enthusiastic Joe. On the other hand, Bruno also had this to say, “Cristy brings a lot of enthusiasm, she’s a lot of fun to be around. She’s going to fit in perfectly.”

Be that as it may, the real judges of Christy Lee’s performance will remain the fans watching the show. Suffice to say; no one likes change, and it might get ugly for the new Garage Squad girl come August 28th. Let’s wait and see for ourselves.

Who is Christy Lee? Her career and other tv shows.

Like Heather Storm, Christy also has a long-running history with popping the hoods of cars and working on them. Born on October 21st, 1977 in Huntsville Texas, she grew up as a metalhead and run-off the mill car enthusiast. Prior to joining Garage Squad, the 41-year-old appeared in All Girls Garage in 2012 on the same network.

Moreover, Lee is also a model, and actress has done a few skits in the movie, Tunnel of Fire. She also appeared on Barrett Jackson Auctions as well as Wild in 1977. However, most of her noteworthy performances are car-related. It’s what got her hosting X-Games on multiple occasions making her the perfect woman as Heather’s replacement

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