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Greg Gutfeld Net Worth, Salary. His Wife, age, height. 2022

Television Host, author, magazine editor, producer, and blogger are some words to describe Greg Gutfeld. He is most famous for hosting his show called The Greg Gutfeld Show aired on the Fox News Channel. However, this isn’t the only show Greg has been on. Find out more about his sources of income, net worth, and personal details, including his marital status, right here.

Greg Gutfeld Net worth & Salary.

Greg Gutfeld boasts of an estimated net worth of $8 million. He cashes in $2 million annually as his salary on the Fox news channel.

Most of Greg Gutfeld’s net worth results from his career as a TV personality.

His career started with an internship at The American Spectator, where he served as an assistant.

Other sources of income include his authored books. They have The Scorecard, Lessons from the Land of Pork Scratchings, The Bible of Unspeakable Truths, Not Cool, and How to Be Right.

Greg Gutfeld Net Worth

The TV host drives an Audi, Ford, and Nissan, all for $350,000.

He parks the rides in his deluxe apartment in New York, where he currently resides. The apartment is worth over $0.6 million.

He is Married to Wife Elena Moussa. This clears up his Gay Rumors.

There were times when fans of the host questioned his sexuality owing to his behavior on screen.

The gay rumors were finally put to rest after his big reveal of being married to Elena Moussa in 2004. The couple has no children up to date.

Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa met in London, where he resided for three years on a work basis.

He tries to keep her off the limelight as much as he can, but we have managed to find out more about her through digging. She is a photo editor who once worked as a runaway model.

The couple met while working at Maxim Magazines. He was an editor for the Magazine while she ran the photo-editing division.

His wife, Elena Moussa, attended the Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. She also established the Moussa project back in May 2011.

Now let’s talk about his college and education.

Education and career

The television host has his roots at Junipero High School in California.

He later enrolled to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in English at The University of California in Berkeley. He graduated in 1987 and sought an internship opportunity at The American Spectator.

He was then employed as the staff writer at Prevention Magazine, where he later gradually became the editor at Rodale Press.

He had a controversial experience that saw him laid off after hiring several dwarfs to disrupt a conference held in 2003.

He relocated to the UK to work for Maxim Magazine as the editor for three years, where the TV host Greg met the love of his life in 2004.

He later established his blog, The Daily Gut, while writing for The Huffington post even before it launched in 2005.

He was soon famous for hosting the Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld on the Fox News Channel. This landed him more shots at opportunities, including becoming the co-panelist of The Five, a political discussion opinion group.

Wiki-bio, age, height, body measurements.

Name Greg Gutfeld
Age 57 years old.
Profession Television personality, editor
Wife Elena Moussa
Kids None
Birthdate September 12th, 1964
Height 1.65 meters
Net worth $8 million
Greg Gutfeld

He was born Gregory John Gutfeld to his parents, Alfred Jack Gutfeld and Jacqueline Bernice. He grew up in Santa Meo, California, where he was born.

The 53-year-old’s weight is undisclosed, whereas he stands 165 cm tall.

He has made several controversial statements in his career, including hurtful remarks about the Canadian army. He later apologized for his satirical and disrespectful comments after Canadian Defence Minister; Peter MacKay handled the issue.


Greg Gutfeld isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He expresses his opinions on his satirical and irreverent show that has garnered millions of viewers, contributing to his net worth.

No separation or divorce issues have emerged from his marriage to Elena Moussa.

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