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Greg Fitzsimmons wife Erin Fitzsimmons and Kids. Check His Net Worth.

So, for many people who do not know about Greg Fitzsimmons, he is a second generation entertainment icon. The American comedian has done hundreds of stand up comedies and has been a television host for the famous MTV series called Idiot Savants. There is so much many of his fans don’t know. Either way not so much about Greg has been shared with the public. Nevertheless, this article gathered all the information you need to know about the entertainer. You shall learn more about his wife, Erin Fitzsimmons as well as his daughter. That’s not all; the article will also reveal his net worth and other important details about his life.

Greg Fitzsimmons Married life with wife Erin Fitzsimmons and 2 kids. A daughter and 14 years old son.

Greg Fitzsimmons has a wife; her name is Erin Fitzsimmons. The couple wedded in 1999 and had been living a good life ever since. Greg loves his wife so much and has even written a book about her. The two are blessed with two amazing kids. His daughter’s name is Shaquanna, his son’s name is not mentioned though.

According to an interview he recently did, Greg said that his wife Erin Fitzsimmons became a full-time mother when their second born was born, and that means a lot to him. He says it is a gift to have her around the kids at all the time, and they have been very fortunate. This not only built confidence in the family but also fosters independence in their children and enable them to be trustworthy teenagers.

Greg Fitzsimmons and wife Erin Fitzsimmons
Greg Fitzsimmons with his wife, Erin Fitzsimmons

Greg says that it is tough to raise kids, especially now that his son is 14, he and his wife have to tighten the leash some more. However, he still allows him to ride bicycles with his friends. On the other hand, his daughter loves to surf, and so he has to watch over her as well.

His wife, Erin Fitzsimmons says that the kids look for thrills all the time. And if they prevent them from having the thrills, they will have them in bad ways. The couple let their daughter and son be free and enjoy life, but monitor their every move

A short bio on his wife, Erin Fitzsimmons.

Erin Fitzsimmons

There is not so much about Erin Fitzsimmons. She has kept a lot of herself private. However, it is known that she is a loving wife to Greg Fitzsimmons and a fulltime mother to the couple’s daughter and son.

His Net worth& Salary

Greg has made a lot of money from the radio shows he has been hosting as well as the TV shows, films and series he has been featured. Greg Fitzsimmons net worth is currently standing at $1 million.

Given his active and ongoing career in the entertainment industry, and the way he has been involved in a  lot of shows, series and movie we can only assume Greg’s net worth is going to increase in the coming days.


Greg began his career as a standup comedian while a student at Boston University. Since then, he has been seen on many programs such as the Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Chelsea Lately, as well as Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

He also owns a highly ranked podcast known as “Fitzdog Radio.” Also, he has appeared a number of times on The Howard Stern Show aired by the Satellite Radio. He also has his own show on Howard 101 called The Greg Fitzsimmons Show. Also, he has been a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience and Adam Carolla Podcast.

As an actor, Greg has been frequent on the Comedy Bang Bang, CSI, Louie, Santa Clarita DietDivision III: Football’s Finest, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He even hosted the 1996 show Idiot Savants by MTV. The show went on to win the Cable Ace Award. Also, he has been a commentator on the Best Week Ever aired by Vh1.

Wiki bio

Greg Fitzsimmons in red shirt.

Name Greg Fitzsimmons
Nationality American
Residence New York
Marital Status Married
Wife Erin Fitzsimmons
Kids Two
Profession Comedian, Radio personality, Actor
Net worth $1 million dollars

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