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Grant Cardone Wet worth (2019). Meet his Wife Elena Lyons Cardone. His House, Cars, Age, Height. 2022

A brief wiki bio on Grant Cardone .ALso find out his real age,wife,networth,house and many more.

Grant Cardone is one distinguished personality. He is worth your time if you require assistance in executing a successful life in goal achievement and investments. Check out Grant Cardone’s Net Worth in 2022. Also, know more about his wife Elena Lynos Cardone.

So, who is this man Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is world renowned as an actor, a New York Times bestselling author, sales expert and, trainer, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and also as the host of The Cardone Zone a radio show about growing your finances and increasing your wealth. The millionaire has worked with companies such as Google, Wells Fargo, and Ford in the sales departments to improve customer experience and also the sales processes.

Grant Cardone Net Worth is $2.6 Billion.

Grant Cardone’s Net worth as of 2019 is $350 Million. He is the founder of three companies namely Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings and The Cardone Group. Each of these business ventures operates differently. The Cardone Group was founded by Cardone himself and Scott Morganth sales and marketing strategies designed for maximizing profits, maximizing traffic opportunities and market shares.

Grant Cardone Networth

Grant Cardone Networth

The Cardone Enterprises in collaboration with Grant Cardone University offer educational certification programs to people and small businesses on sales and marketing. Here he features his 10X sales training products. He also provides lessons on a variety of business-oriented subjects. The Cardone Enterprises is his primary business venture and has worked with companies including Fortune 500 companies.

The Cardone Real estate holdings are the real deal. His investment tool, Cardone Acquisitions has had involvement in real estate transactions worth $425 million. The company also claims an estimate of $566 million worth of assets in the United States of America alone. All these he says he built without outsourcing capital from anyone except for family members.

According to his words in an interview with Bigger Pockets Podcast he says, each time he gets returns from his business ventures, he plows them back to his real estate holdings because it provides a wealth-preserving vehicle that the other enterprises cannot offer.

Aside from the three listed companies, Grant Cardone is an author having written five major best-selling books: Sell to survive; The closers survival guide; If you’re not First, you’re last; The 10X rule and Sell or be Sold.If you’re not first, you’re last” hit a number one on Amazon, made the Wall Street Journal and the New York best sellers list. The other books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies all over America and beyond.

It would seem that Grant Cardone’s sources of income are exhausted at this point, but that’s not the case.

Grant Cardone is also an actor, having helped develop a reality television series called Turnaround King that first aired on the 19th June 2011. He is also the owner of the digital network an online network for entrepreneurs.

He also works as a host on the Grant Cardone Zone.

With all these business enterprises, a net worth of $350 million suffices. Doesn’t it? It’s food for thought.

Grant Cardone’s house and cars.

Grant Cardone’s house has been featured in a show by Joan Rivers called How’d You Get So Rich? In this episode of the show, Joan Rivers pays him a visit to his home in Hollywood, a house apparently, formerly owned by none other than Lionel Ritchie! Aha! Neighboring the likes of Leonardo di Carpio. The house is estimated to be worth $17 million and has an indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Yes, Grant Cardone is wealthy and boasts of it but what car does he drive? Watch the videos at, and YouTube videos to know more about his personality and life. In one of the videos, he arrives at the airport driving a white Rolls Royce. Whether he owns it or not is not easy to find out unless he openly speaks about it. In the videos, that’s just one of the cars he drives. He has a variety of cars so to speak.

Grant Cardone Lifestyle

Grant Cardone lives a lavish lifestyle. With a million dollar house in Hollywood and a multi-million dollar business enterprise, he spends what he can on the good things in life. A Rolls Royce in his car collection speaks a lot too. A day in his life involves plane and train travels from one state to the other making real-estate deals, and attending shows and talks. He also meets different personalities.

He owns a private jet that he uses in his interstate tours in search for real estate deals. Somewhere along the way, his wife stops for shopping at a luxurious mall and in the evening has lunch with the likes of Tai Lopez

What a day in the life!

When it comes to one’s lifestyle, you got to see it believe it. In this digital life, anything behind the cameras goes.

Grant Cardone Is Married to Wife Elena Lyons.

Grant Cardone is a married man. He is married to one Elena Lyons who is an actress. The couple is famous among many Americans as a power couple.

Grant Cardone’s wife Elena is also a celebrity in her space. She is an actress who has acted in many television series including USA HIGH, N.C.I.S, Two and a Half men, Days of our lives and The Young and Restless.

The beautiful actress, Grant Cardone’s wife has had the privilege of holding the Title of MAXIM Magazine hottest 100 and was once ranked at #76 on the international stage. She is quite the flower. No doubt about that!

Apart from acting, Grant Cardone’s wife Elena Lyons is also a former model. Grand Cardone has the perfect partner who helps him in running his business enterprises. From time Elena gives motivational speeches in line with what she does with her husband. No wonder they are a power couple. She says that they wanted to build a very successful marriage and to be role models for success in relationships

Grant and Elena  Lynos Cardone got married in 2004. They have two daughters namely Scarlett Cardone and Sabrina Cardone.

How old is Grant Cardone?

Born on the 21st day of March 1958, Grant Cardone turned 64 years of age, on the same day this year.

Grant Cardone a scam?

Whether Grant Cardone is a scam or not is a big issue around the internet, and it depends on perspectives, opinions, and moral grounds. Now, some people will say he does not scam and others will say otherwise. I hope this section offers illumination. What he does is legal and are very brilliant methods of wealth making. The part of his ventures that seem like a scam is that when people invest in his holdings, he tends to get the most out of the investments from the deals he makes more than the investors. The opinion is not to say that the investors do not get their percentage from the investment.

If you want to know in depth about Grant Cardone’s business model, you should read up on who a syndicator is and visit his show; The Cardone Zone. His business model favor mainly accredited investors, that is if your bank account reads $350000 or more. This amount does not reflect in most bank accounts of middle-class Americans.

The Grant Cardone model is not favorable to that someone who wants to invest his money and plow profits to reach his level.

Is the brand Grant Cardone a scam? I would say it is not only that he offers the right ideas to the wrong people. The middle-class.

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