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Gold Rush Rick Ness Girlfriend: How they Met and Her Bio 2022

Image of Rick Ness and his girlfriend, Leese

Life always comes with twists and turns. It’s a series of complications, which one has to survive by all means

. But when the odds start to be in your favor, a well-twisted story is eventually appreciated. The same goes for the love story of Rick Ness, a famous actor from the American series Gold Rush. Leslie Charleson is blissfully living her 76th year of existence.

Rick is one of the many who had had an experience of having “the one that got away” when he was separated from his former wife, Jen Ness.

The famed actor never let his emotions swallow his life despite this unfortunate situation.

He resumes his dating life and gives his heart to someone wholeheartedly. And in the middle of nowhere, he met his new woman, Leese Marie. Now, his new chapter sets anew. Her bio and their meeting are explored here.

Rick Ness Girlfriend: How did they meet?

After the Gold Rush actor split up with Jen, his former wife, he met the woman he never thought would have – Leese Marie, alias Leese M Arie. Their relationship has been together for a year.

But before they pooled the news on different media platforms about their romantic connection, they chose to keep it private.

Leese Marie couldn’t even let her name be shown on Instagram and other sites.

Image of Rick Ness and Leese Marie

Gold Rush star Rick Ness and his wife to be girlfriend, Leese Marie

However, they publicly announced their relationship on November 16, 2020. Rick also mentioned that his girlfriend would be on the “Gold Rush” series with which he is a star.

Like a bar of gold in their show, Rick was too proud to share his new prized possession – his newfound fairytale story with the public.

Leese Marie remained low-profile as there isn’t much information about her online.

Unlike couples who had unconventional instances of meeting each other, the love story of Ness and Marie is not much different from the typical romance stories most people know.

In fact, they met in the most basic way – through their mutual friends. During his interview with the Idaho Press, Rick shared,

“We had never met before, but there were some mutual friends. And [I] just happened to see her and talk to her.”

Indeed, one can assume something did transpire from that first encounter. And now, one can say that they were just lucky to find their way into each other’s live

Significant Age Difference

Gold Rush Rick Ness and his former wife, Jen, have a nine-year age difference. Rick is 40 years old, while Jen is 49.

Meanwhile, Rick’s new girlfriend, Leese Marie, remains outside the spotlight, and her private life has still been a closed book to the public.

Her age hasn’t been revealed on any social media platforms yet.

However, sources would say she was born on October 25, but her year is still unknown.

Thus, there’s no information given about the age gap between them. But no matter how different their age is or how big their age gap maybe, love is still tied with the old saying,

“Age is just a number when it comes to love.”  

Bio on his Girlfriend

Leese Marie, also known as Lesse M. Arie, is originally from Wisconsin, U.S. She is an American and proud to belong to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Leese is also part of season 12 of the “Gold Rush ” series and his boyfriend, Rick Ness.

Although there are tiny specs of information about her online, most of her life has still been a no-show in the public eye.

Gold Rush Rick Ness Past Affairs and Rumors

After the separation of Rick and Jen, the “Gold Rush” star Rick Ness was subject to a controversy about his romantic link to his co-star, Karl Ann Charlton.

This issue made rounds on social media, which compelled him to post snaps of himself with his new girlfriend, Leese Marie.

Rick knew that this could be the only way to break the online theories. In the end, he shrugged off all the rumors that associated him.

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