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George Stephanopoulos Net Worth and Salary (2022)

George Stephanopoulos is known as George Robert Stephanopoulos, a well-known journalist and political critic. He has also worked as the former Democratic Advisor. In the previous times, he has also worked with Bill Clinton as the chief partisan correspondent and chief newscaster of the ABC news agency. The popular shows ‘This Week’ and Good Morning America‘ have brought him reputed recognition nationwide. In the past, George Stephanopoulos has also worked as the substitute anchor of one of the most popular shows on ABC News – World News Tonight. All these associations have been the reason for his lavish lifestyle and huge net worth. He also draws a huge annual salary from the media houses. Let’s get into his life a bit more and explore some amazing facts about his individual life, wife, and professional life. 

Who is George Stephanopoulos? His career info, TV shows in details

George was born in  1961 on the 10th of February. In Massachusetts, he was born to Nickolitsa “Nikki” Gloria and Robert George Stephanopoulos. He was born in a very rich and well-established family.

George moved to the city of Cleveland for his studies. There he joined the Orange High School, Pepper Pike. After completing his studies at Orange High School, he joined the famous Columbia University, New York City.

 He chose to study political science there and graduated through a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1982. During his college days, he was the sports announcer for one of the radio stations. 

After completing of studies, he moved to Washington DC for the job. His first job was as a counselor to Democratic Congressman Ed Feighan. He was also continuing his high studies at the University of Oxford, completing his master’s.

Image of Television Presenter, George Stephanopoulos
Television Presenter, George Stephanopoulos

The political career of George Stephanopoulos has begun in the year of 1988. His first association was with the US presidential campaign with Michael Dukakis, and the campaign was a success. 

Then he attended Dick Gephardt. Gradually he becomes one of the leading members of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, and he assisted as the de facto press administrator. 

Then after some time, George Stephanopoulos joined ABC News as a dogmatic analyst. He has been part of some of the top-rated shows of the media house. In 2008, he wrote a blog George’s Bottom Line, on the ABC news official website and added some more appreciation to his feathers. In 2014, he turned out to be the chief newscaster of ABC News. 

He has served as a correspondent for some of the famous shows on the channel. Some are ‘World News Tonight,’ ‘This Week,’ ABC’s ‘Sunday morning public affairs program, and ‘Good Morning America.’ Apart from these regular shows, he was also a part of numerous other shows that aired on the channel.

George Stephanopoulos Net Worth in 2022.

George Robert Stephanopoulos is a big name in American political history and a well-known media personality. He has associated and played major roles in some of the greatest political campaigns in the country. 

He has been working with the ABC news agency for a long time, from where he draws a hefty annual salary. According to reports, George Stephanopoulos’s annual salary is$15 million, and his net worth is estimated to be close to $40 million in 2022.

House and cars in George Stephanopoulos’s net worth, His rich lifestyle

George Stephanopoulos is married to Ali Wentworth. Ali is an actress and writer. According to rumors, it is believed that Ali was not at all interested in dating some of the political backgrounds. But eventually, she ended up in a relationship with George. 


Image of George Stephanopoulos with his wife Ali Wentworth
George Stephanopoulos with his wife Ali Wentworth

They used to talk with each other for hours and later fell in love. They got married to each in the year 2001. The duo has two daughters – Elliot and Harper. He has been a good dad and takes care of his children properly. 

The news anchor bought a house in Hampton’s town for a price tag of $6.5 million. The house is spread across 4,800 square feet, and the house is said to have all of the modern amenities. It has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. 

He lives there with his wife Ali Wentworth and children Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos, Harper Andrea Stephanopoulos.


Image of George Stephanopoulos with his wife Ali Wentworth and with their kids
George Stephanopoulos with his wife Ali Wentworth and with their kids
Age 61 (February 10, 1961)
Net worth $40 million
Spouse Ali Wentworth
Kids 2 (Elliot and Harper)
Occupation Journalist
Parents Robert George Stephanopoulos (Father)

Nickolitsa Gloria Stephanopoulos (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity American

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