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G Herbo Net Worth. Also house, Cars in 2017 (2022)

G Herbo

G Herbo who was initially known as Lil Herb is a resourceful individual in the American music industry today. He is a well-renowned rapper who rose to fame after he began his music career back in 2011. He has produced several mixtapes on his songs on which the latest being his fourth mixtape. Let’s find out more on G Herbo’s Net worth. Also check his Sources of income,  house, and cars.

G Herbo Net Worth as of 2017

The American rapper is estimated to have a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars. These earning have been beefed from his mixtape produced for his fans. This has been his main source of income apart from other revenue generating activities.

American rapper G Herbo's net worth is amazing
G Herbo’s net worth in 2017

The singer boasts from various revenue streams in which he gets to generate his revenue. Sales from his mixtape is a significant contribution to his revenue as he gets to earn money generated from all the sales. Other sources of his wealth are the event, tours, and concerts on which he is called by the clients to entertain the fans. The singer is estimated to earn approximately two hundred thousand dollars annually as a result of this, which is a significant part of his net worth.

He earns also earns a good check from youtube through his youtube videos. The singer commands a good following from his fans and has accumulated over 67,500,000 youtube views. This, therefore, estimates a total of $135,000. He is also reported to have earned $15200 from the various endorsement, and the sponsorship deals both local and international.

House, Cars, Properties

The rapper has immense wealth and assets worth of value in which he takes pride on. He rides on expensive cars in which he uses to go and attend to his shows. The singer also boasts of his studio in which he does his music recording and also for other people. He has a luxurious house in which is situated in one of the wealthy states in Chicago. The house is a modern house in which has everything fitted in it.

A fleet of cars makes him one of the young rich in the world today. He owns from five to ten cars of high value in which he uses to move to the events and live concerts which he is called to perform.


According to the latest polls, G Herbo net worth has been rapidly increasing as years goes by. This has been facilitated by the various projects in which he has undertaken along in his music career. In 2012 had an estimated worth of $288,000 and was just at the age of seventeen. From then the figure has been increasing every year. In 2013 he earned $400,000 and later rose to more than half a million dollar in 2016. He has since then broken the $1 million dollar mark making him one of the youngest millionaires in town.


The singer has been seen riding on expensive vehicles in his videos. He may own some, but the majority are not his. The singer lives in well-fashioned house and estate as he can get to afford the expenses. The singer is now wealthy and can afford to wear expensive cost and necklaces in which he is seen with in public.


Herbert Wright is his real name but majorly by a large audience as ‘‘G Herbo’’. He was born on October 8, 1995 in Chicago Illinois. The song writer and singer rose to fame and has since established himself well in the music career. Along in the music he has produced four mixtapes and singles to h fans. He dropped out of high school and had therefore not attended college.

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