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Fixer to fabulous: Welcome Inn: No of Episode, Location, Facts about Dave and Jenny Marrs new spin-off show 2022

Image of Fixer to fabulous: Welcome Inn poster

The Fixer to Fabulous duo is back again with another amazing project.

This time, they stumbled upon a King’s house from the 1800s and decided to renovate it.

The new show ‘Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn’ started airing this March and is set to go on for another three weeks. It will feature Dave and Jenny Marrs restoring the house from scratch.

As the house is historical and the duo is always providing the audience with exciting shows, the fans are pretty curious about this new spin-off show.

Hence, in this article, we cover everything about Dave and Jenny Marrs’ new spin-off show ‘Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn.’

Release Date

The show started airing on HGTV on March 15, 2022. Since this is a special series and not a permanent show, it will only have four episodes.

Throughout these episodes, the renovating couple will present their documented journey of ‘Welcome Inn.’

In the first episode, the couple tackled the bee problem. As the house was made centuries ago, more than 50 thousand bees took shelter in its front columns.

With the help of a bee expert, Steve, the duo successfully relocated the bees.

Fixer to fabulous: Welcome Inn’s Cast

The main casts of the show are Dave and Jenny Marrs. This was a completely personal project.

However, they decided to bring along the peeps from HGTV as they figured out it would make great content.

Apart from the couple, there will also be special features in each episode that will help with the renovation process.

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs, cast of Fixer to Fabulous

The cast of Fixer to Fabulous, Dave and Jenny Marrs.

About The Welcome Inn

In 2021, Dave and Jenny were on a trip to a neighboring town. There, they saw this house, which they recognized as a piece of history.

The property was built by a king in the 1970s. And to date, four families resided and completed their reign in the house.

It was originally built on a 160-acre farm.

The duo somehow knew that it was their responsibility to preserve this historic property.

Thus, without second thoughts, they bought it for $200,000.

Both the stars knew that this would not be an ideal place to shift in permanently. And they also didn’t want to sell it after renovation.

As a result, Dave and Jenny came up with the concept of Breakfast and Bedroom.

They planned to make this house a place where national tourists could stay for the booking period.

This is not their first project of bookable properties, so the duo is pretty confident about the returns.

How Can You Stay at The Welcome Inn from Fixer to Fabulous?

You can easily book the house from this website.

However, the house will only open up for guests after the special series has ended.

Even though you can only stay at the house from May 2022, you can still pre-book it for some discounts and also to reserve your seats.

Like every other renovated home from the duo, we are sure that this one will also have quite a competition for booking.

Dave and Jenny Marrs haven’t released a price tag regarding the house. And the customers have to inquire through an email for additional details.

According to a fan on The Welcome Inn’s Instagram, the current rate for booking is fixed at $10,000 per night. This is quite expensive for most people.

However, as this is a historical and royal house, the duo is probably targeting high-end customers.

Interesting Facts About ‘The Welcome Inn

  • Dave and Jenny Marrs have spent about $525,000 to bring the house to completion, including the purchase cost. It took the duo a full year to complete the renovation.
  • Unlike other shows from the duo, this one is a special series and will feature a behind-the-scenes kind of approach.
  • The historic home housed more than 50 thousand bees in the front columns.
  • As this property is centuries old, there was a lot of Termite damage on the floor and woodwork.
  • About eight guests can stay at the house. It has three bedrooms with attached bathrooms.
  • As this property is not client work, Dave and Jenny have spent their personal money from start to finish.
  • The reservation cost is about $10,000 per night, according to fans on Instagram.

Quick Wiki

Show Name Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn
Channel HGTV
Primary Cast Dave and Jenny Marrs
Airing Date March 15, 2022
Booking Opens from May 2022
Cost Price $225,000
Renovation Price $300,000
Booking Cost Per Night $10,000

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