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Fernando Colunga Net worth. 2022

Fernando Colunga is an established actor who specializes in telenovelas.He is considered one of the most paid celebrities in modern times. Known to many as Fernando, the Mexican actor is an engineer by profession.The 6 foot 2 inches actor has a big female fan base which he has never disappointed with his well-built body, charisma, and expression.Colunga is arguably the best telenovela actor in Mexican history if the recent ratings are anything to go by.He is also the only Mexican actor to film five successful telenovelas.

Fernando Colunga Net worth

Fernando Colunga’s combined net worth stands at $58 million according to recent statistics. He has invested in other industries apart from the film industry making his annual net worth to be on a steady rise. Colunga’s net worth is expected to increase in 2017 to an estimated $158 million due to the addition of two new business ventures into the already existing ones.

Fernando Colunga source of income is his new business ventures
Mexican actor Fernando Colunga’s net worth humongous

Fernando Colunga gets his income from different sources such as endorsements, advertisements, upfront pay, and lucrative business ventures.He is also a smart investor in the stock market, and he never leaves anything to chance.

Colunga also has a chain of restaurants in Mexico City known as the ‘Fat ColungaBurger.’ In addition to that, he has also introduced to the market his own brand of vodka which goes by the name Pure Wonder ‘Colunga-Mexico.’

Colunga is also targeting the junior market with his new perfume called With Love From Fernando together with a fashion line known as ‘FernandoSeduction.’Finally, he has shown his sporty side through his ownership of the ‘Mexico City Angels’ football team.


Fernando Colunga has several homes in different cities in Mexico and the US.But the most outstanding one is the $ 875,000 house in Miami he is selling it to her girlfriend at $825,000.In addition to that Colunga has several tops of the range cars that are not statistically available since he prefers his personal life away from the cameras.Colunga also owns a football team called the Mexico City Angels and in addition to that, a chain of restaurants called Fat Colunga Burger.


Over the recent years, Fernando Colunga’s financial star appeared to be falling, but it seems the class has a way with financial decisions. He needed just the period between April 2016 and April 2017 to reclaim his No.1 spot in the most paid celebrities category.

2013 $ 2,800,000
2014 $ 3,000,000
2015 $ 48,000,000
2016 $ 58,000,000


Colunga has managed to maintain his personal life away from the glare of cameras and very little is known precisely about his personal life especially with his city-hopping kind of nature.But that is not enough to prevent the public from noticing his millionaire lifestyle.Driving expensive cars, fancy restaurants, dating models and telenovela stars just to mention but a few.


Fernando Colunga was born on 3rd March 1966 in Mexico City, to Don Fernando Colunga(father) and Dona Margarita Olivares(Mother).Being an only son, he has no siblings.He studied Civil Engineering and graduated from The University of Mexico.He first started acting at the studios of Televisa, the best studios for the well-established telenovela stars.He is married to Blanca Soto, a telenovela actress.

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