Eugenia Jones Wiki-Bio, Age. 5 Facts about Jerry Jones’ Wife. 

Image of Eugenia Jones Wiki-Bio, Age.5 Facts about Jerry Jones' Wife. 

Ever heard the phrase ‘Never mix family with a business’? Well, that only applies for bad business dealings. Meet Eugenia Jones, an independent, kind-hearted mother of three with a thing for arts. She is also Jerry Jones wife, a famous Billionaire, president, general manager, founder, and owner of the Dallas Cowboys football team. She has won some prestigious titles and awards during her time but one thing is for sure, she is not a trophy wife. Here are five facts about Jerry Jones’ Wife Eugenia Jones you may not have known.

She is all Fancy and Artsy.

While her husband Jerry Jones runs a multi-billion-dollar corporation handling a team of men running around a field, she decided to distance herself from that. However, not too far away as it was her home. Jerry Jones’ wife holds some of the most prestigious titles in some of the most excellent Art schools.

Ever since Eugenia Jones was young, she always felt the need to inspire people through her work and marvel at others’ fine art. She got to do just that through her strong leadership skills. While some fans come to the AT&T Stadium to watch the game, others begin to experience the collection of art from various artists through her doing. Moreover, she was a chairperson at the Meadows School of Arts and a member of the Cultural Trust Board of Texas.

Family means Everything to Her.

The Jones family is one big happy family. To call her children, kids would be an understatement since they are all grown up now. She got blessed with three children namely, Stephen, Charlotte, and the youngest Jerry Junior.

Image of Eugenia Jones with her family

Eugenia Jones with her family

Stephen has four kids with his wife Karen namely, Jessica, Jordan, Caroline and John Stephen. Her only daughter, Charlotte also gave her three grandkids namely, Shy, Paxton and Haley with her husband, Shy Anderson. Her last born son Jerry Jr. also joined in the family tradition with his wife Lori with two kids, James and Mary Chambers.

There was a scandal involving Jerry Jones with some exotic dancers that got misinterpreted by the media. The mother of three was not going to let that ruin decades of marriage and didn’t give it another thought.

She met her husband through a blind date.

The President of Dallas Cowboys was also a football captain back in his college days at Arkansas University. His status made him quite famous with the ladies that it attracted the attention of Eugenia while she was a freshman.

Image of Eugenia Jones with her husband Jerry Jones

Eugenia Jones with her husband Jerry Jones

Through their mutual friends, he took her out for dinner and later rejoined the rest of the party at a state fair. Charming and romantic as ever, the football captain set out on a mission to impress her by winning her a stuffed animal. After a couple of attempts proved futile, he went out back and bought one for her. This may not have been the correct way, but hey, faint heart never won fair lady right?

The date turned into a love that grew into a proposal in which she said yes. Soon after, they got married on January 19th,1963 with three kids

Jerry Jones’ wife Eugenia Jones is the daughter of a Banker

Not everyone knows the family history of Jerry Jones’ wife. It is because she is a very reserved person especially when it comes to her private affairs. You will never get to see her air her dirty linen outside for the world to see. As such, many articles have no information on her early life, educational background as well family lineage.

Through digging, we managed to unravel that her dad was a small-town banker. Hidden from the public is his name, but his profession is out there. Eugenia Jones was born in 1944. Details of her exact date of birth are not public either. On the other hand, Jerry’s father was a grocery and insurance empire builder. Quite an unusual pair.

She’s done beauty pageants and won

Back when she was still youthful, Eugenia Jones was quite eye-catching to many people. It’s part of the charm that Jerry cuffed her. Nevertheless, she put her God-given talent to test by participating in the state annual Miss Arkansas beauty pageant.

Many ladies have tried out, failed and gone home crying with make-up running. However, the year was 1960 when Gene took up the crown to become Miss Arkansas USA. Her name is on the long list of beautiful women who also won the prestigious mantle over the years.

It didn’t end there, she also participated in other contests and was even crowned Arkansas Poultry Princess once. As you may have guessed it, these contests were only subject to the people living in the state. Gene Chambers was born in Danville, Arkansas in 1940 which made her eligible.


Jerry Jones’ wife, Eugenia Jones has made her name for herself spearheading several art projects. Her husband may be a powerful man in football, but she’s just as strong in her own way.

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