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Erin Napier Napier Defends herself against “Rude comments” on her latest episode of Hometown Takeover.

Erin Napier, the 38-year-old star of Home Town Takeover, recently took to Instagram to address her online critics. In a direct and candid video shared on Tuesday, Napier, seated in the passenger seat of a vehicle while filming in Sebring, Fla. for season 3 of the HGTV series, opened up about negative remarks she’s been receiving about the homes she renovates on the show.

Expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to work on the series, Napier didn’t shy away from confronting the less-than-kind comments she’s encountered on social media. “The comments on my Instagram have been really, not nice, really rude, some of you guys,” she acknowledged, with her husband and HGTV co-star Ben Napier chiming in with agreement, characterizing the comments as “nasty.”

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Erin emphasized the real impact of negative comments on the individuals who inhabit the homes featured on the show, highlighting that these remarks are not only seen but also felt by those directly affected. “Y’all realize we design these houses for people who really live in them, and they really read your comments,” she explained, urging for more empathy and kindness in online interactions.

Her husband, Ben, echoed her sentiment, adding, “Don’t say anything at all,” emphasizing the importance of refraining from hurtful comments if unable to offer constructive feedback.

Erin further reinforced the message, acknowledging her resilience to criticism while emphasizing concern for the well-being of the homeowners. “You’re not hurting my feelings at all. But you are being really ugly to the people who are living in these houses,” she remarked. “You are gonna hurt someone’s feelings who lives in that house. You know better, guys. Do better, okay? Be sweet.”

In closing, Erin appealed to the shared values of kindness and respect, drawing parallels to the lessons she imparts to her children. “Like I tell my little girls, y’all can be grownups and be sweet, okay?” she concluded, advocating for a culture of civility and consideration in online discourse.

Ben highlighted the unfortunate reality of intentional cruelty among online trolls, describing it as “the saddest thing about social media.”

In response, Erin issued a clear message to those who engage in such behavior, offering them a simple solution: “And if you’re one of those people who are on social media, unfollow me now,” she stated firmly. “Thank you. I can do that for you if you’d like.”

Expressing gratitude for the positive voices amidst the negativity, Erin directed a message of appreciation to those who leave uplifting comments. “Keep on being you. You’re awesome,” she encouraged.

Ben extended a warm invitation to those who spread positivity, welcoming them to visit them in Florida anytime.

Napier concluded the video with a caption that reflected her values and upbringing: “as my mama would say, y’all act like you’ve got some raising. ❤️.”

This isn’t the initial instance where Erin has confronted negativity on social media. In July 2020, she made the decision to disable comments until 2021.

“Feels like a good move,” she shared alongside an Instagram photo of herself with Ben. “It’s getting harder to shoulder every opinion from every direction at all times about everything when everyone is freaking out constantly. There’s too much noise.”

She further expressed, “It’s nothing to freak out about. No need to shove. Have mercy. Show grace. Social media is for fun.”



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