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Drew Scott Announced the Release of a New Show, Big Brothers with Ben and Erin Napier and 6 other HGTV Stars

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Property Brother Cast Drew Scott, 44, just announced massive news for the fans. But they can’t believe it. On 1st April 2023, Scott updated a post on Instagram revealing that a new show, Big Brothers, was premiering soon.

In the post, he said that some of the public’s favorite HGTV hosts would be gathering together to renovate properties with the Scott brothers. However, the fans speculate that Drew is only joking.

Is the new show really premiering on HGTV, or is it a prank? Continue reading to find out.

Fans Say Drew Scott’s New Show, Big Brothers, is An April Fool’s Joke

The bearded Scott Brother just declared that a new home renovation show, “Big Brothers.” is predicted to air in the summer of 2023. On Instagram, Drew also wrote, “We got a big house and even bigger personalities, so you can be sure to expect the unexpected.”

Along with his message was also the show’s poster where prominent HGTV hosts, including Erin Napier and Ben Napier, Nate Berkus, Jeremiah Brent, and Jasmine Roth, posed along with Drew Schoot and Jonathan Scott. Likewise, as per the poster, the show would premiere on HGTV, Discovery Plus, and Scott Brothers Network.

Image of Drew Scott

The fans flooded the comments section within minutes of Drew updating his Instagram about Big Brothers. Even HGTV commented, “This is going to be Epic,” on the post.

However, as it was April Fool’s Day, most of his followers commented in disbelief. One of his followers said she would have been very excited about the news if only it weren’t April Fools.

Similarly, most of the other comments agreed that it was an April Fool joke but praised the show’s idea anyway. “Lmao, I almost bought it 🤣🤣 but this does sound like my perfect show,” said one of Drew’s female fans.

After fooling around for some hours, Drew finally revealed that the post was a part of the April Fools Joke. First, he commented,” APRIL FOOLS 🙌😂,” on his own post and later made an edit to the post and titled it “APRIL FOOLS!”

Drew Scott is a real estate agent regularly seen as a relator on the HGTV Network’s “Property Brothers,” along with his twin brother Jonathan Scott. The program debuted in 2011 and is now on its 13th season.

He is also an actor, having served on multiple movies and TV shows like, “Madison,” “Breaker High,” “Pumpkin Wars, “A Christmas Parade,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and “Girls5eva.” The Scott Brothers are also the founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment, a production firm. The brothers also won Best Hosts Awards for Property Brothers in 2012.

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