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Drew Brees Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height.

Image of Drew Brees Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height.

With the ongoing NFL season, now is the perfect time to talk about the American football quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees. To many, he is one of the most decorated players in NFL history and with good reasons. For one, his contracts don’t come cheap and are reflected on his net worth as per his salary and earnings. Bear in mind that it may come off a little bit shocking, but that’s just how he rolls. Also stick around for his body measurement, age and height highlight.

Who is Drew Brees? His profession and Career details.

Drew Christopher Brees is an NFL superstar and Super Bowl and Pro Bowl champion playing the position of a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. It’s the only position he executes best, and so far it has done a number on shaping his career.

The Pro Bowl athlete comes from a long line of sportsmen and women in his family. Therefore, it was only fair he tried out sports at an early age. He juggled baseball, basketball, and football all at the same time earning him a varsity letterman at Texas High School.

The quarterback received two college applications; Kentucky and Purdue and chose the latter. During his freshman year, he made the cut onto the school’s team, Boilermakers as its offensive captain. He delivered the team to the 2001 Rose Bowl and was regarded as the nation’s best quarterback in 1999.

However, it didn’t stop there. His college victories got him drafted by the San Diego Chargers as the first pick of the second round and 32nd overall. His debut professional brawl was against the Kansas City Chiefs on November 4th, 2001. He later got drafted for the NFL 2004 and 2005 season for the same team before landing a deal with the New Orleans Saints in 2006 up to date.

Drew Brees Net Worth, Salary.

So what caused his move from San Diego Chargers to the New Orleans Saints? It’s simple – Money. He relinquished all ties with his team after they failed to reach a consensus on his new contract and took the Saints on their deal. He would get $60 million excluding bonuses and endorsement deals for six years.

Image of American Football Player, Drew Brees net worth is $100 million

American Football Player, Drew Brees net worth is $100 million

Drew Brees current net worth is estimated at $100 million. From the contract, he receives a salary of $50 million and has gone on record with bonuses amounting to $22 million. Delivering his team to victory also comes with some added benefits which also reflect well on Drew Brees net worth.

The quarterback has done more than a dozen promotions and appeared in covers of magazines. In 2010, the Sports Illustrated Magazine announced him as the Sportsman of the year. Last year, he got a two-year contract extension that would see him cap $50 million through 2019. As a result, the athlete will become one of the highest paid players in the NFL.

Drew Brees house and cars in his $100 Million Net Worth.

With the contract, he got from the Saints deal, Drew bought a mansion in New Orleans, Mississippi River in 2011. He acquired the place for $1.6 million which was a great deal at the time. The house itself occupies 4944 square feet with four bedrooms and a master bedroom all with their bathrooms.

It fits his family quite well considering he has three sons and one daughter from his marriage to his wife, Brittany. The backyard has a beautiful garden and a swimming pool giving the place a serene touch.

Image of Drew Brees with his wife Brittany Brees

Drew Brees with his wife, Brittany Brees

The athlete also owns some of the most beautiful cars money can buy. Some of the car models include a Tesla, Bugatti Veyron a BMW and a Ford Mustang for the love of muscle cars. All these vehicles amount to an estimated figure of $4 million.

Drew Brees Height: how tall is Drew Brees?

Drew is shorter than the average quarterback. He stands at 6 feet 0 inches making him the second shortest QB after Russell Wilson and weighs about 209 lbs. As for his body measurements, he has an athletic body with a 46-inch chest, 16-inch biceps with a waist size of 36 inches.

Drew Brees Age, how old is he? His birthdate

The 6 ft tall QB celebrates his birthday on January 15th each year having been born in 1979. His Zodiac sign is Capricorn whereas his age is 39.

Wiki Details.

Full Name Drew Christopher Brees
Age 39
Date of Birth January 15th, 1979
Place of Birth Austin, Texas
Profession NFL Quarterback
Net worth $100 million
Wife Brittany Brees
Kids 4
Height 6 feet 0 inches
Weight 209 lbs
Zodiac sign Capricorn

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