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Dr. Nowzaradan

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Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is best known for performing gastric bypass surgeons.  He is also one of the executive producers of the show in TLC’S famous series “My 600-lb Life“.  Dr. Nowzaradan often referred to as Dr. Now is based in Houston where he conducts those surgeries on people with obesity. The doctor graduated from the University of Tehran of Medical Sciences in the year 1970. He is from Iran but has been working for more than 4 decades in America. The doctor was the first In Houston to perform such surgeries on obese candidates who were assumed to be inoperable. His experience in laparoscopic surgery is almost 20 years and 7 years in Laparoscopic Bariatric surgery. Check out Dr. Nowzaradan wiki-bio and net worth.

Dr. Nowzaradan family: Wife, Son.

Doctor Nowzaradan is very busy with his career. However, he had a wife Delores Nowzaradan.  Delores performed secretarial work. After a while, she quit her job to manage and take care of their children. The duo got married in 1975 and later divorced in 2002. At their time of divorce, the couple had three children. Apparently, Dr. Nowzaradan is said to have had his marriage strained by his work. That is rumored to be the cause of the divorce to the renowned doctor. Another reason was in supportability and cruel treatment from the husband Dr. Younan. Not much is known about the doctor’s children. When the parents were getting divorced in 2002, their children were not very young.

Dr. Nowzaradan diet plan.

The doctor is seen trying to convince his patients on losing weight through “My 600-lb” life. He informs them that if they don’t change their eating habits chances of death are very high. Additionally, he further tells them to change their eating habits even after undergoing surgery. The surgery is said to make them eat less or make them feel satisfied and have no eagerness to eat as they feel full.

Dr. Nowzaradan patient Michael Dominguez weight loss diet plan

Caption: Dr. Nowzaradan patient Michael Dominguez weight loss diet plan, he was nearly 635lbs (before) to 300lbs (after)

Source: Daily Mail

The diet plan should be like:

Dr. Nowzaradan weight loss diet plan

Caption: Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet plan for weight loss


Men per day should serve one-ounce 6-7 times.

Fiber is an essential source from whole grains.

Women Per day one-ounce 5-6 times.

Products should be made of whole grains.


Men should consume 3 cups of dairy products per day.

Best products are those with low or no fat.

Women should consume 3 cups per day of dairy products.

Substitute sources of calcium such as sardines.


Men each day need 6-8 ounces of meat or other sources of protein.

The sources are seafood, poultry, etc.

Women each day need 4-6 ounces of meat or other sources of protein.

The sources are dry beans, dry nuts, etc.

Fats and Oils.

Men should consume healthy fats daily.

The sources are fish, nuts, and seeds, etc.

Women should consume healthy fats daily.

The sources are vegetables, nuts flax, etc.

Fruits and Vegetables.

Men per day need 5-9 servings.

The sources are bananas, oranges, sweet potatoes, etc.

Women per day need 5-9 servings.

The sources are apples, carrots, potatoes, etc.


To men, sugar adds calories.

Men on a daily basis should not consume sugar.

To women, sugar adds minimum nutrition.

Women on a daily basis should not consume sugar.


Men need maximum 25-35 grams of fiber.

Very essential in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Women need a maximum of 20-25 grams of fiber.

Sources of fiber are whole grains and vegetables.


Men need less than 2300 mg of sodium per day.

One pinch of salt has 155 mg of sodium.

Women need less than 2300 mg of sodium per day.

Prepared foods have sources of salt.

Dr. Nowzaradan net worth.

The doctor’s net worth is approximately $5.5 Million. This also comes from an annual salary of $250,000 from his work as a surgeon. Dr. Nowzaradan became famous for performing surgeries that other doctors perhaps consider fatal. His worth is said to increase yearly with the sudden appearances in TV shows.

Dr. Nowzaradan wiki.

Name: Dr. Younan Nowzaradan

Date of Birth: 11th October 1944

Birth Place: Iran

Age: 73 years

Profession: General and Vascular Surgeon

Nationality: American

Children: 3

Marital status: Divorced

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  1. Sharon (Sher) Guerrero

    My husband is from Houston Texas, he came to Minnesota to meet me after we talked on the computer for 6 months, that was 2002, we are very happily married, Leonard and I live in Minnesota, all his family still live in Houston, financially we have not been able to return to visit, my husband is disabled so we live on a lower income, if we ever get to Houston I would be honored to meet the doctor and shake his hand, he is the most amazing doctor in the world, he has given so many people there life back, we watch his tv shows every single day, afternoon and evening, he is a Hero in my eyes, he does everything possible to save over weight peoples lives. I know he is a very busy man and I would even be honored to talk to him on the phone for a minute. Please pass this message onto him, and Lord bless him. You are the most compassionate doctor ever and the smartest doctor, you can see his job is very important to him and he truly wants to save very obese people. Thank you for all you do, I do not need surgery, I was very over weight but I lost my weight thru changing what I eat, basically what he educates people to eat. My whole family was very overweight and we all lost weight, wish I had known about this doctor, would have come to him and lost weight a long time ago. I would love a picture of the Doctor personally signed by him. 763-412-0386, just Incase I would be the luckiest person in the world and he would call me to give me advice on how to keep my weight off.

  2. am 4ft. 11 in. tall and weigh 180. I’m 66 years old and want to know how many calories I need daily to lose weight” Also can you send me your diet and exercise papers you give to people on TV? Please, I need your guidance for my blood pressure”s rsake. Oh, I am a woman, forgot to mention that, with 7 beautiful grandchildren I would like to be around a long time for.Thank You. Connie L. Dion 919 Main Street Unit 7 West Warwick, R. I. 02893

  3. Carol Nelly Riza Erskine

    I am over weight due to multiple pregnancy and also genetic. I am trying to loose the weight but it has been difficult and its affecting my health. During the pregnancy, i developed umbilical hyena which is making me feel soo uncomfortable. I also have big and flappy tummy and arms. I weight about 200 kg. I am in Ghana, West Africa. I need your help and believe in your good work.

  4. I am 40 years old about 200lbs to say the leazt is not as much as many but my body is drastically feeling it. Three years ago I had a cousin 42 passed away weighing over 700lbs and every day I waTch Dr. Now and wish I knew about him then. Im working on getting 60lbs off and thats not alot too many but it is very hard to get off, especially with arthritis and fluid in both knees and only 5’1. So far Ive lost 6lbs starting out with a natural cleansing of just fluids and fasting but I love my sweets and need much help. All i know if dont eat more calories than you can burn.
    Dr. Now is an amazing doctors and his hands are touched witj blessings of helping others.

  5. Hubert CRl Dowell Jr.

    My name is Hubert Dowell Jr. I use to weigh 425 lbs. Back in 1995. Went on a diet and now weigh only 275 lbs. But still ended up with diabetes. My parents both had diabetes. My wife also lost from 333 lbs. To 244 lbs. 600lb life is a great show we watch it every week. Dr. Nowzaradan is a great doctor and we know he cares. God Bless him.

  6. Yvonne Stackhouse

    I watch the show all the time. Does anyone know the address to Dr.Now. I would like to get a copy of his diet.

  7. I really could use a diet to Friday. Like a 7 day a week diet
    I’m 41yrs old
    4ft 10
    And I weigh roughly 210
    I really need some help

  8. Hi my name is Maura Ferreira and i’m from Massachusets..I’m a fan of dr Now and I watch his show on TLC for about 4 years I wish I can live close to Texas .I had two strokes I don’t think he can do a surgery on me.Thank you Dr Now for everything you do to save lifes.

  9. Elsa van den brink

    hello my name is Elsa
    i`m 46 years old my length is 1.73 cm .
    and i weig 107.5 kilograms.
    and i want to try the diet from doctor Y Nowzaradan.
    i have a gastricbypass since 4 october 2016.
    i have another 20 kilograms to lose.
    can you help me

  10. I have just seen this programme. I can’t believe how the members of the family are also so over weight and don’t see it, especially the programme about Lisa who has died. I wish he would put all the family, enablers on the same diet or tell them as well how big they are.

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