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Dr. Michelle Oakley Wiki-Bio: Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Salary, Husband and married life.

Dr. Michelle Oakley

Dr. Michelle Oakley is the only veterinarian in the world who handles all sorts of animal species for massive square miles in the Yukon region of Northern Canada. She runs her animal clinic in the village of Haines Junction. The hospital is located at her home where she shares with her man together with her three daughters. Furthermore, she also operations clinical sessions in Alaska and even in Whitehorse, Yukon. Well, this review will share some crucial information about Oakley about her age, net worth, salary, husband, and married life in her wiki bio.

Dr. Michelle Oakley Net worth: how much salary does she receive from the show?

Well, first and foremost, Dr. Oakley is a veterinarian who deals with different types of animals in Canada. She has her animal clinic which she runs in Haines Junction. Let’s see how much Dr. Michelle Oakley Net Worth is.

Even though the town has less than 600 people, it is still the herb of her activity. Apart from that, she also spends some time in Whitehorse, which is the capital city of Yukon, located 96 miles away. Additionally, she makes occasional house calls, and this forces her to drive for long hours and travel on the air a lot.

Dr. Michelle Oakley Net Worth is $700,000. She receives the salary of $15,000 per episode from the show.

Also, Oakley has her program about animals which is aired on Nat Geo Wild. Because of this she has made quite a name for herself and earned some good money along the way.

Dr. Michelle Oakley's Net Worth is Approximately $700,000
Caption:- Dr. Michelle Oakley’s Net Worth is Approximately $700,000

The main source of income to add to her net worth is the salary she receives from the show “Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet”

Age: how old is Dr. Michelle Oakley? Her birthday

Even though she is a public figure, Oakley has chosen to keep most of her private life a secret. There is no information about her age or her sate of birth, but only where she was born.

Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet’s Cast Dr. Michelle Oakley is married to a husband, Shane Oakley. The couple have three daughters Sierra Oakley, Maya and Willow

Oakley is a married woman, and her story is quite amazing. National Geographic states that she made her first travel to Yukon, working as a field assistant and an ecology study on a frozen ground. At this time she was still a student at Michigan. It is while at school that she met her husband Shane Oakley, a local firefighter.

Oakley named his wife Squirrel Girl. Together, they quickly fell in love. The two later got married, and now they have three beautiful daughters: the firstborn is Sierra Okaley, she is 18, Maya is the second born aged 17, and the last born is Willow, she is 11.

Dr. Michelle Oakley with her husband Shane Oakley
Caption:- Dr. Michelle Oakley with her husband, Shane Oakley

Source:- Facebook

Both Oakley and her husbands have busy schedules. So, when they are home, they spend as much as time as they have with their daughters. Also, she has used her job to bring her family closer than ever before. Her three daughters have also taken great interest in animals, and they have grown up working at their mother’s clinic.

Posted by Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

During their vacations, the two older daughters, Sierra Oakley and Maya, accompany their mother on her travels to treat animals.

Willow is being home-schooled at the moment so that she gets time to travel with her mother as well. At the start, the girls used to stare and follow what their mum used to do, and she taught them to handle different animals and how to be safe.

Education: where did she go to college?

Dr. Oakley attended the Munster High School and graduated in 1987. She later joined the University of Michigan and studied zoology. She also attended the University of Prince Edward Island and earned a degree there. She worked as a wildlife biologist for eight years after leaving school.

Dr. Michelle Oakley earned Degree from University of Prince Edward Island
Caption:- Dr. Michelle Oakley earned Degree from University of Prince Edward Island

Her Wiki bio

Name Michelle Oakley
Profession Animal Vet and TV personality
Married Yes
Husband Shane Oakley
Children Sierra, Maya, Willow

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  1. I saw on a t.v. show from Australia a vet said a donkey had “stringhalt” and had gotten it from a wild weed the
    donkey had eaten. When you had stringhalt on your show, I think the horse’s name was Candy, nothing was said
    about her getting it from ingesting a food item. Are their 2 ways (or more) to contract stringhalt? Love your
    show, and you and your family. So envious of your life. I’m 70 now but love Nat Geo Wild and all the animal
    shows, and Animal Planet. Good luck with all you do. Thanks.

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