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Dr. Jeff Young Wiki-Bio: Married, Wife, Net Worth, Age.

Dr. Jeffrey Young

Dr. Jeffrey Young was a graduate of School of Veterinary Medicine, Colorado State University in 1989. He has a mustache with long and flowing hair as well as a tattoo. He is probably most popular as Dr. Jeff Young. He is married to a wife and has kids. Scroll down to read more.

He is a respected pet health practitioner who is known for caring for thousands of clients and animals all over the world including domestic pet, livestock, exotic animals and many others.

He founded Planned Pethood Plus, in 1990 as a low-cost spay/neuter clinic which provides affordable full- service veterinary care. His clinic is known for running a low-cost mobile neutering in America as well as veterinary training. In Europe, training is done in the state of the art veterinary hospital funded by Planned Pethood Plus, Inc.

Planned Pethood International has equally funded a full-service veterinary hospital in Merida, Mexico and profit gained from these clinics are remitted back to the parent hospital for training and building of new clinics.

Dr. Young has served on many Human Society boards and has given advise to mobile surgical units across America.

Dr. Young has conducted over 160,000 animal surgeries and has trained over 300 veterinarians from across the world.

Dr. Jeff Young on the show Rocky mountain vet

Animal Planet aired Young’s episode titled Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet. The new series follows Young -billed by Double Act producer as ‘’one of America’s busiest vets”. He and colleagues perform procedures both routine as well as urgent, treating of animals.

Dr. Jeffrey Young on the show Rocky mountain vet
Dr. Jeffrey Young on the show Rocky mountain vet

Source:–The Inquisitr

Double Act, a British production firm that filmed Dr. Jeff Youg: Rocky Mountain Vet, initially discovered Young through a YouTube video of a lecture he delivered. Young thought the series could be a nice platform to talk about spay/neuter.

‘’So, I said, Yeah, I’d be interested, but I am controversial. You may want to look at my Facebook because I tend to piss off humane societies and I tend to piss off veterinarians,”

He recalls.

‘’They evidently looked at it because they called me back two or three hours later and said, ‘‘We’ll be there next week.”

The show centers on Dr. Jeff young and his staff at Planned Pethood Plus as they take care of animals.

Dr. Jeff Young, ‘’Animal Planet” has over 1.3 million viewers an episode, this was not easy at the first stage as Jeff admitted.

 ‘’The First season hurt a lot financially.”

Said Young who is known for being blunt on issues, but

‘’The second we got a really good crew, and we filmed twice as much in half the amount of time.”

He was diagnosed with cancer after doctors discovered an 8-cm mass in his lung. Despite the news, he has been cheerful and has also gotten support from his fans and staff.

Is Dr. Jeff Young Married to a Wife? Or still single?

Dr. Jeff Young is married to wife Dr. Petra who also works in his clinic. He with his wife has three daughters and seven grandchildren. Her daughter Melody works with him in the clinic.

Dr.Dr. Petra and Dr.Jeff Young treating a dog
Dr.Jeff Young and wife Dr. Petra Providing Proper Treatment for a dog

Source: Twitter

Dr. Petra is a well-talented vet at the clinic. Her surgical skills and thirst for sagacity are second to none.

Wiki type bio, age, Net Worth.

Dr. Jeff Young Net Worth is estimated to be $200,000.

Not much is known about his early life, he graduated from Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 and had a clinic in the Highlands neighborhood since 1990.He is married to wife Dr. Petra, and the union is blessed with three daughters among whom is Melody who works in his clinic.

17 thoughts on “Dr. Jeff Young Wiki-Bio: Married, Wife, Net Worth, Age.”

  1. Hi Dr Jeff,

    I live in Townsville Australia. I am retired. I love your program and how you care for every humans animals. You are very humble and I especially love this. So proud of what you do.

  2. Hi, I live in The Netherlands, am an ex-pat (Canadian), retired and have just discovered your program. I absolutely love it, Dr. Jeff – you are an angel and I appreciate your point of view, bless you and your family and staff.

  3. Today June 9th 2018 finally an all day TV program runs of Dr. JEFF episodes. Can’t get enough of these heart warming episodes. I so admire this Dr. and his Wife, to be so compassionate about Animals. I pray that his Health will sustain him to be able to keep up the good work.

  4. Hello Dr. Jeff and staff
    First,allow me to say I am a big fan of your show. Itis very interesting how you guys cure or help the animals in and around your area and abroad.
    I have 3 adult female cats and a kitten who is also a female. My local Animal Control is getting a grant to help people who can’t afford it to be able to spay and neuter our local cats and dogs.
    I love your show! Keep up the great work.
    Do you come down to GA to do clinics? I live in the city of Perry.

  5. I am an avid watcher of the show. I am also an animal lover. Believe in neutering and/or spaying my animals. And, I will not let my cats outside….I adore my animals….I am an empty nestor and in my late 70’s so truly enjoy the company of our furry friends.

  6. Love Dr. Jeff, one of the best. He isn’t in it for the money, he’s in it for the animals and the people who live them.

  7. Dr Jeff is truly a man to be admired because he loves what he does and because of this help those who love their animals. In my 60+ years I have never seen or heard of a vet who does the work because they live it, it’s always about the money. So very very rare to find someone so special in our world today. Truly a blessing from God!


    Dr. Jeff
    Love your show .you have such great compassion for animals as my Husband & I also do . We have 4 dogs & 1 cat , ( was 3 cats ) but 2 moved out with the oldest Grand Daughter . All of our animals were rescues & all have been spayed & neutered . The youngest & largest dog ( Great Dane mix ) we have has been treated for eating moth balls with an overnight stay at the er vet for around $1100 , but we cannot understand people having animals & not taking care of them . We greatly admire that you want to help sooo many animals & not expecting full payment for your work .This world needs more people like .

  9. I would like to donate money to Dr. Jeff’s clinic be cause I trust him and admire the work that he does.
    I live in Florida and I’m not very technologically savey….so would appreciate an address to donate to.

  10. Dr. Jeff and Petra – I greatly admire the work you folks do also. I hope more Vets get your message and also help the less wealthy folks. Keep up the good work so I can keep watching.

  11. I admire Dr. Jeff, Dr.Petro, and all the great employees who work so hard taking the best care they can of all the animals who come to PPP. I lost my beloved short hair dachshund, Lady, just before Mother’s Day simply because there wasn’t any clinics like yours here in Orlando, Fl. All vets here charge exorbitant fees, heal second. I firmly believe if she had been seen by you, I’d still be enjoying her today. As it is, my Tramp, longhair doxie, still grieves for just as I do. I’ve seen your show where you go to that lady who rescues dogs from puppy mills. I have some dog clothing, collars, leaches, etc. I would like to send to her for those precious rescues. Please forward my info to her so I can arrange getting things to her. I have prayed for you and was so grateful you were in remission. Pray it continues as you and your group are doing God’s work. Thank you from me and all of us out here who appreciate all you do.

  12. I believe some info is wrong. Dr Jeff and Petra have only been married a few years. I do not believe Jeff children were with Petra. There must have been a previous wife.

  13. Hi Dr Jeff
    You are Amazing what you do to the animals and also what you do for the humans who loves her animals you are a blessing to both thank you so much for all that you do God bless you and your family

  14. Dr. Jeff is everything I respect in a human being. I try never to miss his show. I am also blessed to have a Vet. who cares for our pets without trying to kill us with fees.
    I always pray he stays well.
    God bless him and Petra.

  15. DR. Jeff, soy de Venezuela y admiro mucho todo lo que hace, desearia que su programa no terminara nunca, que no lo dejaran de grabar. Tenia una Yorky, era mi hija peluda, vivió conmigo durante 8 años, y murio repentinamente, siempre que veo su programa pienso que si Ud y su equipo la hubieran tendido aun mi pequeña estaria dandome muchos momentos felices. Le deseo toda la suerte del mundo y que su salud se restablezca por completo para que pueda seguir ayudando a tantos animalitos

  16. john & dale

    Dr. Jeff you are the most unselfish person on the earth. We have 3 dogs 5 cats and a few ferrels that we take care of we do TNR as much as we can. we live in N.Y. only wish we were close to your office. if you answer these e-mails my border collie mix from Catrina rescues is now 12 just had surg. for a salivary gland tumor which was removed Now they want her to have 5 days a week for 4 weeks radiation treatment. This is under anesthesia .
    The surgeon feels he got good margins the tumor was about the size of a nickle and not there long. I feel that the treatment will kill her before the chance of it coming back. The survival time with radiation is about 2 year but she is 12 and very timid.. just wanted your opinion on my thoughts . not apposed to spending for the care
    but I am torn. We have 2 mastif Pit mixes and have replaced 4 ACL’s between them Thankyou for your time.

    dale & John

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