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Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet: When will the New Season be Release? (2022)

Image of veterinarian, Dr Jeff Young

Dr. Jeffrey Young is the founder of Planned Pethood International, an animal clinic he started back in 2000. It came 11-years after he graduated from Colorado State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Since then, Jeff has treated over 160,000 different pets.

Six years ago, reality tv producers came knocking. They offered him a chance to work on his own show. Soon after, audiences got to watch as Dr. Young featured on Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, which aired on Animal Planet. Find out when the new season is set to be released.

About the Show: Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet is a series that focuses on the workaround Young’s clinic, which, is based in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The series premiered on the 11th of July, 2015, and saw Jeffrey’s team attempt to save an animal that was experiencing a cardiac arrest.

During the show’s first season, Jeff’s clinic took on several interesting cases. These include rescue sled dogs, miniature pigs, and a beagle that had been in a fight with another dog. Besides Jeffrey Young, several other vets have also worked on the show. A few names on the list include Rachel Nichols, Donald Kraft, and Amy Hutcheson.

Image of Dr Jeff Young and cast members
Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet cast members

Jeff revealed that they took a major financial hit during its first season. This would have typically signaled cancellation for most shows. However, the cast of Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain vet got a chance to fix things during the second season. The producers even assembled a better crew, with the end result being that one of the episodes during that season generated an impressive 1.5 million views.

Currently, the show is in its 7th season. The latest episode aired on the 19th of December 2020. It was titled ’30-Year Ride’ and focused on celebrating three decades of the clinic in business. Jeff gave fans the chance to ask him any questions they wanted to. The cast also took the chance to review some of the most interesting cases they have ever had. One such case saw the gang help a dog that had eaten a rock for lunch.

Film location

Since the show revolves around Dr. Young’s clinic, we can safely assume that the show is filmed in the same area. Planned Parenthood International is based at 4595 N Harlan St, Wheat Ridge, which is in America.

Release Date for the New Season

So far, there has been no official word from showrunners that Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet has been renewed for an eighth. However, the fact that it has not been canceled is positive news for fans. The show could just be on hiatus now, owing to the pandemic that put most projects on hold throughout the year. Chances are that the eighth season of the show will be back next year, in the month of June to be precise.

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