Dr. Jan Pol Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Salary, Children, Family, Wife, Age 2022

Dr. Jan Pol

Dr. Jan Pol is the main cast in The Incredible Dr. Pol,  a reality show on Nat Geo Wild. The show is based on his family’s life at his rural practice in Michigan. This article brings you all the interesting information about this doctor. From his private life, his sources of income, net worth, his marriage life, etc. We start with a look at his private life;

Dr. Pol’s Net Worth: How much salary does Dr. Pol get per episode.

He has worked with different Veterinarians. After moving to Michigan, Dr. Jan started his private clinic, Pol Veterinary Services.

He later cast his reality show along with his family; Diane Pol, Charles Pol, Brenda Grettenberger, and Emily Thomas. From all his hassles, Dr. Jan Pol is said to have an accumulated wealth whose net worth is around $1.5 Million.

About his salary, you can make your guess. Since he is the main cast of the hit tv show, his salary should be pretty huge, right? Exactly. Dr. Pol’s Salary per episode is $30,000, and that is how his Net Worth is summed up be $1.5 Million. Not bad for a vet. He specializes in the treatment of goats, sheep, pigs, horses, and other animals.

Besides being a doctor, Dr. Jan also makes an income to add to his net worth from being an author of some of the best-selling books. One of the famous books by Dr. Jan is called “Never Turn Your Back on Angus Cow: My Life as a Country Vet.

Dr. Jan Pole is Married to Diane Pol and they have 3 adopted Children.

Dr. Jan Pol is married to a lovely wife called Diane, and when not working, like a responsible family man he enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and family.

He spends time discovering lavish and exotic destinations. Dr. Jan Pol and Diane got married in 1967, and the couple later moved to the United States in 1971, then to Harbour Beach in Michigan. Diane and Dr. Pol met when his wife Diane was pursuing a foreign exchange.

The couple has two adopted children. The first is Charles who was adopted from birth, the other (a girl) was adopted at the age of 18 years after living with the Pols as their foster parents.

Dr. Pol and Diana celebrating their 50th Marriage Anniversary

Caption:- Dr. Pol and Diane celebrating their 50th Marriage Anniversary

Source:- Instagram


Jan Pol grew up on a dairy farm in the Netherlands. He studied for a Veterinary physician degree at the Utrecht University. After his studies, he migrated to the USA where he started his veterinary services and his veterinary office.

Moreover, he gained popularity fast, and his practice grew easily. Besides being a veterinary physician, he is also a writer, which fuels his source of income.

Wiki and Biography

Dr. Jan was born and raised in the Netherlands. He was born on 4th September 1942 in Drenthe, Netherlands, and his age as of 2017 is 79 years old. Dr. Jan came from a humble family and used to help his family on their dairy farm. The doctor spent most of the time playing with animals.

He was brought up with his two brothers and three sisters. Dr. Jan Pol is very proud that he joined his career path and even said it is the best decision. He is the main star of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ and an author of some best-selling books. He is actively present on all social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Name:Jan Pol
Date of Birth:4th September 1942
Age:79 years old
Place of Birth:Netherlands
Occupation:Veterinary Physician/TV personality
Net worth:$1 .5 Million
Favorite Food:Pork Chips
Languages:Dutch, English, German, French

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  1. I watch Doctor Pol every night and love how each of the cast members take pride and care so deeply for each of the animals. All of the regular cast members Brenda, Emily and even Charles. I really do love this show.

    Thank you,

  2. Never knew where you came from until I read your Bio. I was also born in the Netherlands (Wastena, Friesland) on my grandparents dairy farm) on 15 Sept 1943. Plus I lived in the Hastings, Mich area until 2008. Wonder if you ever had the opportunity to visit that area. I have never been back and wish I had.

  3. I love watching his show. I was raised on a dairy farm as well. The things they deal with on these dairy farms have jogged my memory and I see certain things that I thought I wouldn’t ever forget. I love, love, love his show!!

  4. Although I don’t like blood, I enjoy watching Dr. Pol, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Emily. They all care for the animals they
    treat and it clearly shows.

  5. Jeanne K. I enjoy watching Dr. Poll whenever it is on. However, it seems his shows are less and less. Dr. Pol has been replaced by 2 other vets; but they are not as good as he is. Is the house that hey show on tv his real house or just a set? Anyway, I do love to watch him and his assistant vets are great.

  6. Hallo Dr pol. I have always admired your show. Your love and service to animals is great. Having been brought up by a small scale dairy farmer along the slope’s of Mt Kenya, I have learnt a lot from you that I am practicing in my small way. I’d long to spend at least a day and enjoy what you people do,but a poor Kenyan who cannot afford a visit to Michigan. When you shall visit our beautiful country for holiday pls let me know. It shall be a great opportunity shaking your magical hand. Live long sir.

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