Dr. Emily Thomas: Her husband, Married Life, Kids in Wiki Bio. 2022

Dr. Emily Thomas: Her husband, Married Life, Kids in Wiki Bio.

Dr. Emily Thomas is the actor who recently joined Dr. Jan Pol on the Nat Geo Wild television series. She joined Dr. Pol’s team as a veterinary service provider.

Her unique relationship with flora and fauna and specific horses can be traced back when she was still a young girl.

Let’s Find out more about Emily Thomas’ married life. Get To know more about her husband and two children in wiki type biography.

Dr. Emily Thomas is married to a husband, and they have two kids together.

Dr. Emily Thomas was married to her long-term boyfriend Tony in 2007, whom they met back in high school.

Little information is so far known of Tony, the husband of Dr. Emily, as he is in the public limelight and has never appeared anywhere within the glimpse of the camera with his wife.

Together they have two Children.

Dr. Emily Thomas With Her Husband Tony and child

Caption:- Dr. Emily Thomas With Her Husband Tony and child

Source:- Twitter

The family keeps dogs, including one with three legs. The family also keeps domestic animals such as cats, horses, and mules.


Dr. Emily Thomas is a unique veterinarian who has animals’ needs at heart.

She graduated from the  Georgian University in the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010.

Dr. Emily spent her attachment at the school majoring in large animals field services, and most of her time was spent learning about live-tweetinequine production animals.

After her graduation, she worked in Newberry, South Carolina, practicing small expertise in animal husbandry.

Here, Dr. Emily natured her skills and experience applying most of what she had learned in college to actual life practices. This prepared her for the more significant tasks at Dr. Pol’s show.

She is currently based in Weidman, Michigan, working with Dr. Pol and a cast of Incredible Dr. Pol’s television show.

From what we gathered from her fans., Dr. Emily’s work in the show is superb, and she is the darling of many of her lovers.

Most of her fans have praised her dedication, hard work, and courage. They have undying support for her.

“Your sincere dedication to helping animals is amazing. You are a wonderful addition to the Incredible Dr. Pol show. I love your determination and endless energy.”

Susan French Brown commented on her Facebook post.

Wiki Bio

Dr. Emily Thomas was born in 1984. Little is known of her parents.

Nevertheless, Dr. Emily was brought up in the locality of Warner Robins, Georgia.

From an early age, she used to be an adventurous girl roaming in the woods forested sites in her neighborhood and countryside.

Her love for animals since her tender age encouraged her to pursue a course in veterinary as her career in college.

She is a graduate of theUniversity of Georgia in the College of veterinary medicine in 2010.

Her dedication to the love of animals enabled her to work with Dr. Jan Pol on a television show Incredible Dr. Pol, where she has been working up to date.

Dr. Emily is a painter in her free leisure time and enjoys traveling activities such as camping in the backcountry.

Her leisure activities have been greatly influenced by where she grew up in upcountry woods.

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  1. My maternal grandfather was a DVM and graduate of Cornell….I believe he started practice in 1911….he had the most beautiful first name: Harmon…I never got to see him work because he died in the late fifties…..I always think of him when I see Dr. Pol…I absolutely adore the cast: each and every member of the Pol Services. Doc Brenda is well-learned and a real asset. Doc Emily is amazingly cool under stress and pretty rugged for a little lady. And, Dr. Pol is a hoot…can’t say no more ‘cept it’s a great show; and, we never miss it.

  2. Hi Dr. Emily… thank you for all you do for the animals and teach those of us viewing the show. You are an inspiration to young and old to work hard and accomplish. I wish you all the best in both your personal and professional career. Bless you all… flesh and fur included…

    1. It does seem creepy that her husband is there it’s obvious she is supporting him but he doesn’t have to advertise it by being on the show sides that I don’t think he can speak……

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