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Dr. Dee Thornell Wiki-Bio, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Family of Dr. Dee: Alaskan Vet’s Cast. 2022

Dr. Dee Alaska Vet

Meet Dr. Thornell, the first Veterinary Doctor of an Alaskan origin to have a reality show under her management. Dr. Dee Alaska Vet is a show that premiered on Animal Planets. This article will bring you all the inside information about the main cast, Dr. Dee Thornell. Read on to know more about the gifted veterinary doctor who goes an extra mile just to see to it that animal health is observed. I bring you information on her private life, her net worth, relationships, does she has any children, and much more.

Is Dr. Dee Thronell Married and Her Husband is Kenneth R. Rodriguez?

Dr. Dee Thornell is married. Her husband is part of the cast of the reality show. She is married to Kenneth R. Rodriguez. The two first met in 2005 and tied the knot in 2007, and since then, Thornell says that he has been very supportive of her career.

As she puts it, Kenneth has been helping her with basic vet chores such as feeding horses, donkeys, and goats since the day he first asked her out. Kenneth was also lucky to be the first man in Dr. Dee’s life that her father liked.

Dr. Dee Alaska Vet with her Husband Kenneth R. Rodriguez.
Caption:- Dr. Dee Thornell with her Husband Kenneth R. Rodriguez.

Source:- Facebook

The couple has been blessed with one son who is in his early twenties. Unlike his parents, Jesse James has a life away from the animals. He is involved in oil and gas and is doing good at it.

He has a career in auto-body repairs which is where he believes his future lies. She loves her son very much and even considers bringing him up one of her greatest achievements.

Net Worth

Dr. Dee Thornell has some properties to her name, others like the home in Fairbanks are co-owned by her husband, Ken. Dr. Dee Thornell Net Worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet


Dr. Dee Thornell has an interesting family history that led her to her career path. She had an older brother Dickie who was interested in becoming a vet doctor.

Unfortunately, he was not doing too well at it. He was torn between football and his studies. Her father, being a successful WWII Marine, encouraged his son to join the Marines, which he did. Unfortunately, he was shot at the frontline in Vietnam, where he died.

Having been very close to him, Dr. Thornell had learned a lot to do with animal health, after his death, she felt very strong forces pulling her to the same career, and the father was very supportive this time.

If only he could help her pursue veterinary medicine, a career that his only son had dreamt of. He would buy her any animals he asked for.

Wiki and Biography

For over 25 years, Dr. Dee Thornell has been caring for animals and pets, both domestic and wild. In her show on Animal Planet, she shows her desire to give all Alaskan creatures the medical attention that it needs.

She even learns how to fly a plane just to accomplish her mission. She flies between remote villages just to reach for the cats, dogs, eagles, and any other creature in need of her help.

Dr. Dee Thornell and other Staff Happy with pets
Caption:- Dr. Dee Thornell and other Staff Happy with pets.

Source:- English class

Name Dr. Dee Thornell
Profession  Veterinary Doctor/ TV Personality
Spouse Kenneth R. Rodriguez
Children Jesse James
Net worth Approximately $1.5 million

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