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DL Hughley Net Worth 2022

Image of DL Hughley: Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio.

DL Hughley is more than just a popular name in the US comedy scene. He has accomplished a lot in a career spanning over two decades. Hughley also made his mark in the film industry with some catchy roles.

This helped him amass a massive net worth. His salary from different sources has helped in building his wealth. The personal life of DL Hughley is stable as he has a happy family. They include three children and a wife. Know the star’s net worth is in this review.

DL Hughley’s Net worth.

The annual salary earnings of a comedian or an actor are estimated to be almost $50,000, according to one of the credible sources, ‘Payscale.’

The star’s primary sources of income are his career in film and television. He is also a screenwriter, stand-up comedy, talk show host, and producer. However, the earnings of Hughley have been estimated at around $150,000 on an annual basis.

The producer’s net worth is $10 million. This puts him in the million-dollar club.

Image of American Actor, DL Hughley net worth is $10 million
American Actor DL Hughley’s net worth is $10 million.

Houses and Cars.

DL Hughley owns a home in Calabasas, California. It is valued at almost a million dollars. We could not find any information on the man’s type of car. Judging by his net worth, however, they must be fancy.

Career Info.

DL Hughley has been active in the entertainment biz since 1992. He started as an anchor on ComicView on BET. The comedian continued in this position till 1993.

Hughley then went on to work on the comedy show ‘The Hughleys’ from 1998 to 2002. In 2005, the star released a comedy album titled ‘DL Hughley: The Original Kings of Comedy.’ His next stint was with CNN. He worked as a writer and host of the show DL Hughley Breaks the News. This was from 2008 to 2009.

Image of DL Hughley from The Hugleys show
DL Hughley from The Hugley’s show

Radio and television.

His first radio show, ‘The DL Hughley Morning Show,’ aired in 2009 on the WEPN radio station. He is also known for his association with The Original Kings of Comedy.

DL Hughley is well noted for his work on films such as Scary Movie 3, Inspector Gadget, and Soul Plane. Hughley has also guest-starred on television shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Premium Blend, and Sister, Sister. The comedian was part of Dancing with the Stars in 2013.

DL Hughley is Married to his wife, Ladonna Hughley.

The comedian, DL Hughley’s wife, is Ladonna Hughley. They wed in 1986. The exact date was on February 22, 1986. The couple met while DL Hughley was a sales representative for a telephone company.

Image of DL Hughley with his wife LaDonna Hughley
DL Hughley with his wife, LaDonna Hughley

Ladonna motivated DL Hughley to pursue his passion for stand-up comedy. She was a significant reason for the success DL Hughley went on to experience. Ladonna is known for her appearances on different reality TV shows. She also produced a documentary titled ‘Colored My Mind’ in 2013. DL Hughley has three children from a 30-year marriage. These are two daughters and a son.


DL Hughley also admitted to having an affair in the early periods of his marriage. He claimed this in an interview with Angela Yee on her Lipservice podcast on November 9, 2017. He stated that his mistress got pregnant to him and delivered a son who was later shaken to death in infancy by the mistress’ boyfriend.

Quick Facts wiki, Bio.

Darryl Lynn Hughley was born on March 6, 1963, to Charles and Audrey Hughley in Los Angeles, California. He is presently aged 59 years old. His father, Charles Hughley, was a maintenance worker for Delta Air Lines. He does not have any known siblings registered on official sources.

The net worth of the famous star is estimated to be almost $10 million, with profound salary earnings from his career that has spanned various occupations such as a stand-up comic, actor, and author. He is presently married to his wife, Ladonna Hughley, since 1986 and has three children from the marriage.



His two daughters are Tyler Whitney Hughley and Ryan Nicole Hughley, while his son is Kyle Aaris Hughley. The nationality of producer is American, and his ethnicity is African-American.

One of the exciting facts about the comedian is that he was a member of the ‘Bloods’ gang during his troubled times as a teenager. He was also expelled from San Pedro High School for his involvement with the gang. However, he turned his back on life with the gang and obtained his General Education Development (GED) certification, followed by employment at The Los Angeles Times.

Another well-known fact that has been noted about the actor is his love for expensive cigars. He has been found smoking in public in many instances and has been known not to exercise restraint when smoking a cigar, irrespective of the place or surroundings.  

Age 59 years (Born March 6, 1963)
Net Worth $10 million
Spouse LaDonna Hughley (Husband)
Kids Ryan Nicole Hughley (Daughter)

Tyler Whitney Hughley (Daughter)

Kyle Aarris Hughley (Son)

Occupation Stand-up comic, actor, producer, political commentator, TV and radio host
Parents Charles Hughley (Father)

Audrey Hughley (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American


He is one of the renowned American stand-up comics and television personalities with a net worth of $10 million. His personal life is stable with his wife, Ladonna Hughley, and three kids.

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