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Dinah Mattingly: biography of Larry Bird’s wife. 2022

Dinah Mattingly, wife of Larry Bird

Dinah Mattingly is, also known as Dinah Bird, was born on November 16, 1954 (Current age 67). She is the second wife of an American professional basketball executive, former coach, and former player.

He is most recently serving as president of the Indiana Pacers in the National Basketball Association named Larry Joe Bird. Larry Joe Bird is famous for playing in “Boston Celtics”. Larry Bird was NBA legend of his time. Dinah Mattingly married him when she was 34 years of age.

Married life with Larry Bird

Dinah Bird and Larry Bird were married in 1989 after Larry Bird divorced his first wife Janet Condra. Dinah and Larry were students at Indiana StateDinah, and Larry Bird has been still together since their marriage in 1989.

The couple has two adopted children named as Conner and Mariah. Larry bird also has a biological daughte9.

Their adopted son Conner Bird was arrested for trying to run over his ex-girlfriend but was released soon after few charges.

Larry Bird and his first wife Dinah Mattingly together

Dinah Mattingly married her husband Larry Bird in 1989

Source: Fabwags

She is the second wife of Larry Bird

Larry Joe Bird was first married to Janet Condra. They love each other and lived together for less than two years. They have one biological daughter named Corrie. Janet Condra was divorced later by Larry Bird.

Larry has two other adopted children named Conner and Mariah. His son Conner Bird was arrested and faced multiple charges not long ago for allegedly attempting to run over his ex-girlfriend with a car.

However, he was released after few charges. Bird’s relationship with his daughter Corrie Bird is not good. Corrie and Larry haven’t spoken much outside of a postgame chat some 15 years ago.

Dinah Mattingly children

Dinah and Larry Bird have two adopted children, including Conner and Mariah’s daughter.


Larry was born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, on December 7, 1956. Larry Bird studied at Springs Valley high school and Indiana State University before joining the NBA’s Boston Celtics in 1979. He was 6’9’’ tall. His current spouse named as Dinah Mattingly. Bird has 3 children including 2 adopted children, Mariah and Conner.

One biological daughter named Carrie. He was awarded as NBA most valuable player Award and other big awards. He wrote his 1st bo, Drive: the story of my life in 1989.

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