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What Happened to Dr. Emily? Did Dr. Emily Leave Dr. Pol?

Dr. Emily Thomas: Her husband, Married Life, Kids in Wiki Bio.

There are many things and people in life that brings us joy in our life but rarely do the two are found together in one thing like your doctor’s reassuring smiles. Speaking of doctors with a sparkling smile, one name keeps coming to mind of Dr. Emily Thomas. See if Dr. Emily on Dr. Pol is leaving the show or is she still with Dr. Pol. What happened to Dr. Emily on Dr. Pol?

She is a really beautiful veterinary doctor who you can catch up on the show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ and its spin-off show ‘Calling Dr. Pol’. Did she leave the cast of Dr. Pol or is she still working for them? Find out along wither her married life and kids.

What happened to Dr. Emily on Dr. Pol? Is Dr. Emily still with Dr. Pol? Or did she leave?

Dr. Emily as you know joined Dr. Pol’s crew in the show as a rookie doctor. She has been a very important part of the show and has been appearing on it for a long time now.

But since the program had run in with a very big problem regarding a lawsuit regarding an unprofessional and unsanitary conduct.

However, the lawsuit has been blown over already, and both the fine and probation on Dr. Jan Pol’s practice has been canceled. So, the show will continue with the original cast including Dr. Emily, and yes she will be continuing. So for those fans that had been asking if Dr. Emily is leaving Dr. Pol or if she is still on the show, you have the answer.

Dr. Emily on Dr. Pol

Dr. Emily on Married Life and Husband

There is not much known about Dr. Emily Thomas outside of her work life in the show. We know from her bio that Emily Thomas is married to her husband, Tony. They have been married for 10 years now after tying the knot in 2007.

Dr. Emily talking about her husband on twitter post occasion of Father's Day

Dr. Emily talking about her husband on twitter post occasion of Father’s Day

They have two amazing kids together; a son and a daughter. Their son Oscar, the younger one three years old and she also has a daughter whose name and age is not mentioned.

She is married to Tony for ten years but knew her husband a lot before that too. In fact, they were high school sweethearts. You can learn more about her family if you follow her on Twitter where she frequently shares the snaps of them.

Dr. Emily's Daughter

Dr. Emily’s Daughter

Dr. Emily's Son

Dr. Emily’s Son

Dr. Emily Bio and Career

Emily Thomas is a very gifted 33-year-old veteran that you can catch up on in shows ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ and ‘Calling Dr. Pol.’ She was born in 1984 in Warner Robins, Virginia, USA. She grew up in Warner Robins exploring its woods and countryside.

Even as a child, Emily was always interested in animals and horses in general. She would say that she would like to be a horse doctor in the future.

She completed her studies after graduating from the University Of Georgia College Of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. She specialized in her interned field of large animal field services and studied the subject of equine reproduction.

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  1. My mother and I have been a constant viewer of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” show. I have been searching for it constantly. We love this show. I hope it was not cancelled. I miss it so much. Please tell me when it will be on T.V. again. Thank you

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