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Bring it Star Dianna Williams net worth, salary, age, son, husband

Dianna Williams

When it comes to television, Dianna Williams had made it big when she starred in the Lifetime series, Bring it! Her love for dancing made way for dancing performances at the age of four and ever since then; she has skyrocketed to fame. Dianna Williams is a name that’s well known when it comes to dancing, but how well do we know her on a personal level? Do yo know about her marriage, her net worth or her husband?

Let’s find out and look deeper into her life as a wife in her marriage with her husband and their son.

Dianna Williams net worth and salary

Her greatest achievement till this day is the Dancing Dolls, known for developing new techniques and extraordinary choreographies. This was where dancers were challenged physically to create bold leaders, and it taught them how they needed to value themselves mentally.

Dianna Williams’  net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Dianna Williams' net worth is $1.5 Million

Dianna Williams’s net worth is amazing

2010 was her turning point when she opened her joint venture called Dollhouse Dance Factory. This is where her net worth just accumulated for the better. The number of her students grew annually and last year, nearly 100 students per semester were enlisted.

We can see why Dianna is a super busy wife and mom who struggles to find the balance between work, home, and her marriage. Anybody would be thrilled to be a wife encouraged by her husband and have the blessing to make such a huge net worth in her little time of her career.

Dianna has not yet disclosed her salary to the media, and it looks like she has professional sectors of her career that she wishes to keep secret. Her net worth has however grabbed the attention of media somewhat overnight.

Who is she married to? More on her Husband and Son

Dianna Williams, as we know, is married. About Dianna’s husband, he is Robert.L Williams, Jr. As a team, the husband and wife run the Dollhouse Dance Factory. The couple shares their home with a son, Cobe. Cobe Williams was born on May 20th,2009.

As a marriage bonus, Dianna’s husband is not only encouraging toward his wife and their son, but he is also a coach of a basketball team. Dianna Williams is smitten by her husband who overlooks her past involvement with adult movies.

Dianna Williams short bio: Wiki!

“Miss D” Williams, 38, was born on November 29, 1978, in Mississippi, USA. She did choreography for several well-known events and has trained a University cheerleading team for one year.

She is now her CEO of the Dollhouse Dance Factory and in charge of choreography as well being a sponsor of the Dancing Dolls and Baby Dancing Dolls. Dianna finds it challenging to choose between her work and family as she says her family is not limited to her home as she finds that her work is also her family.

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  1. I admire you Diana and all the things that you do with those children and you clapping back at any hater is the best thing that you can do by your success and all the things that you have achieved keep up the good work and I’ll keep on watching you every Friday

  2. I watch the show every Friday night with my daughter.
    We love the show Coach D , the girls and the parents.
    They all make it enjoyable to watch, keep up the good work.

  3. My three year old great granddaughter loves watching the show. She dances with the girls and says she wants to learn to dance like the girls. Thanks for bringing the girls to tv. We enjoy watching every Friday.

  4. I wish my granddaughter could be a dancing doll she loves the show, we watch every Friday your girl’s are amazing ,and so are you.

  5. You’re wonderful Ms Dee love you. Keep going all the haters in the world will not bring you down thanks to God and Jesus Christ

  6. Love to see Star & Sky get a break! They both have worked hard and have come a long way. Tired of always seeing the same girls and the same moves need some new blood.

  7. I enjoy watching you and the girls on ,?Bring It I have one question I’m from Detroit and I just love the way you and the girls rock your hair styles can you please let me know where you get it done at.I now live in meridian and I haven’t found anyone that to do a full sew in with the 360 frontal. Help me Ms DIANNA. ?

  8. Miss D., you are a great lady and teacher. I love the way you yell at the girls. That lets them know that you care. As for giving someone a break (from earlier comment), no one gives you a break! You earn your breaks. You and your girls are the best because you do the work!! Your imagination is out of this world!!! I love it! Keep on keeping on and I’ll be watching. I watch you on Lifetime on Demand. This will hold me until January 2019. Much love…Miss Elizabeth

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